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  1. I have been trying every concievable setting and even different Windows versions to try and get 3D vision to work. M17x R4 A11 Modded bios Dell 880M 8gb Modded bios Windows 8.1 Pro 64bit Even forced EDID driver for the SEC5044 (Samsung 120hz 1080p 3D) But no dice with 3D vision. Does this have something to do with 3rd party driver install that makes 3D vision refuse to talk to the driver because its been modded to work ? Any knowledgable input would be greatly appreciated.
  2. AleksR17x

    122 hz monitor

    Nope, R3 and R4. http://www.nvidia.com/object/3d-vision-system-requirements.html
  3. AleksR17x

    122 hz monitor

    Sorry no such thing for the 18 inchers. Even if you somehow found a matrix that fits there is no way to connect eDP (120hz 3D) on the motherboard. External is the only way to go up from 60hz on 18s.
  4. Sounds to me like the 680m you got has a problem with the output. If you buy another i would buy a 770m and get a 3D screen. The 120hz refreshrate is relaxing to look at compared to 60. I wouldnt mess with stock bios to modified then go stock again. Leave it modified so you can upgrade from 680m and set Display to PEG for 3D display.
  5. AleksR17x

    Solder missing RAM-holdings on the mainboard

    Nice effort, too bad it didnt work the first time.
  6. AleksR17x

    Chewbacca sounds

    I laughed at this..
  7. AleksR17x

    970m best out of it

    Its pretty amazing that its sitting at 58 degrees under load, do you have a massive laptop cooler with dry ice under it ? If the Fps is good then you can push it pretty far yep.
  8. AleksR17x

    24" vs 27"

    I had a Asus VG278H with 3D vision 120hz 27" Was plenty expensive but worth it for me, a cheap big monitor is not worth it at all. Smaller high quality over big mediocre is a win.
  9. AleksR17x

    970m best out of it

    Alright, looks good to me. And then when gaming they stay around that same clock?
  10. AleksR17x

    970m best out of it

    Download MSI afterburner, watch the clocks there. Also powerlimit should be 100pct / +100 in Afterburner Stock: 924mhz Gpu Memory: 2500mhz You can also check Power plan to see if its set to High Performance and that the AC adapter works as it should.
  11. AleksR17x

    3940xm upgrade

    ES chips does not always work on every motherboard. Microcode differs from the Retail version, if the bios cant talk to it it beeps. I hope you have a M18 R2 and not R1 ?
  12. Had this exact thing without the AC adapter plugged in (880m), check power plan is it set to high performance ?
  13. AleksR17x

    970m best out of it

    58 degrees ? my 880m idles at 54 with a squeaky clean fan 3 pipe and new paste. Sounds like a major undervolt/underclock going on. 970m should be 70-80 under load, TDP is 100 watts.
  14. AleksR17x

    970m best out of it

    Its all about finding a balance between speed and quality in nvidia control panel. 970 is running pretty hot, can't do alot about OC without temps going thru the roof. Also modding the cooler could help, i take it you have the 3 pipe cooler for it ?
  15. AleksR17x

    How to get rid of some noises emitted by our spaceships

    My M17x R4 is making a damn high noise from the Gpu fan. The fan blades are very square in design, pushes lots of air but is not very aerodynamic. Gonna rip it out and put an Msi fan in there to quiet it down

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