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  1. Curumin

    3940xm upgrade

    maybe alpha versions, i don't know. I bought this CPU from aliexpress. And can't find this CPU anywhere too.
  2. Curumin

    3940xm upgrade

    Guys hello! I bought a 3940xm engineering processor. When I start I hear 7 beeps. The service said that you need a special bios for it. Tell me, who faced? The photo of the processor is attached.
  3. Curumin

    M18XR2 7 Beeps

    Yes, And updated bios to A11 unlock. Many people says that this processor can run on R2.
  4. Curumin

    M18XR2 7 Beeps

    Hello! I have the same problem. updated m18x r1 to r2 and put the processor 2920xm I receive 7 signals. If I put i7-3520M is turned on and working. Help, what is the reason? Sorry for my english.

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