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  1. MitjaStachowiak_2

    Amd Fire-Pro compatibe with P150HM?

    Hello, I've a P150HM with GTX 580M, which I would like to use with Linux. Because Nvidia's Linux-driver is VERRY SHITTY, I need to switch to any AMD GPU. Is there a working V-BIOS for any of the Fire-Pro GPUs of that age? Or is someone interested to switch his or her AMD 6970M against a good working GTX 580M? (If you still use Windows...) Thx.
  2. MitjaStachowiak_2

    Solder missing RAM-holdings on the mainboard

    The plastic is a bit melted, because I used too high temperature with the fan But this is only at the surface, the pins look OK. I tested against shortcuts using an ohmmeter and none of the pins is loose. Which does off-curse not mean, that the electrical connection is OK... I don't think, it's the BIOS - the System does not start, if there is a RAM in the holding, so it gets principally recognized. I will need extreme fine equipment when I try this again
  3. Hello, my HP 8770w was sold with a Dualcore-CPU. I am now using an i7 3920XM, but there are missing two RAM-holdings on this mainboard (Many manufactures leave them out on dualcore MBs ). The 4-RAM-MB is too expensive just for this approach. So I tried to solder the missing RAM-Holdings on the Mainboard by hand: But the Laptop does not boot, if I add a RAM to the new holding (Same behaviour as like booting without any RAM). The Laptop still works, if I left the new holding empty. QUESTION: Is it possible, that a 3-RAM-configuration principally does not work and I will have to add the 4th module? Have anyone here successfully expanded the number of RAM-holdings?
  4. MitjaStachowiak_2

    The proof that HP is not a reliable computer brand

    Are you sure, you are using the correct quadcore heatpipe? I've bought a 8770w with a dual core and had to buy extra quadcore heatpipe to get my 3920XM running. But it don't seems to have problems with heat. My Quadro K5000M is some degrees cooler than in my old Clevo laptop. Don't know, weather it ist throttling, but I use the same VBIOS. What does not let me feel happy with HP is, that the BIOS is full of bugs, some additions (i.e. Backlight keyboard) are too expensive and some mistakes: MSATA port with just 3Gb/s or different mainboards for dual- and quadcores (Same board, just missing two RAM hangers on the dual core baord - why??)
  5. MitjaStachowiak_2

    Replacing 35W CPU with 45W one

    One fact to HP: If they offer two different mainboards for your system (one for dual- and one for quadcores) you may run a quadcore on a dual core board. I am doing this with my 8770w since 4 months now without any problems. I think, the dual core board just misses two memory sockets.

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