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  1. Hello I got an Aw 18 r1 780m sli 16 ram 4800qm cpu A12 bios I want overclock Is there any A12 unlocked?
  2. Okey but m17x r2 can i have 122hz ?
  3. Hello A friend got a Alienware 18 with 60hz display can she replace the lcd to an 122hz regards
  4. Hi what cpu is compatible? gpu? think i gonna unlock a09 bios Any ideas what i can change
  5. Hello M17x r4 675m 16ram 250ssd i7-3720qm
  6. Hello i want to bemchmark my M17x r4 Program tips
  7. What about m17x r4 with 765m And win 10
  8. Thanks again you are very helpful
  9. Hello got a 765m and a m17x r4 dont seems to be compatible? eurocom dont sell 765m gpu to m17x r4 someone tested ?
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