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  1. The Y580 bios is only for Y480/Y580. I think that no one will take the risk to check it out
  2. According to cpubenchmark, 3720QM and 6700HQ have almost the same performance. Even your cpu is little higher (on the stock) 3720QM - 8161 CPU MARK 6700HQ - 8117 CPU MARK I have 3630QM and I don't even think about change it to something new.
  3. I changed my old WRT54GL to NETGEAR WNR3500L V2 with Tomato software.
  4. This pink dots/pixel artifacts looks like you have damaged VRAM on your graphic card
  5. Some time ago I used a Logitech Z600 Bluetooth speakers and I was very pleased with them.
  6. I recommend you to try the program called HDAT2, use a long time, many drives repaired with this tool.
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