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  1. look Mandrake and I had an M18x the whole time and didn't know it. mandrake found this and its so funny. Google Translate
  2. thanks guys been really busy on some other stuff atm. once i get some free time i will set something up in the marketplace. but for now just pm me. thanks for the shout out brian, really appreciate it.
  3. been using the cooler master sf-19 at work. i would highly recommend this one, the fans are nice and strong. it has 4 addition usb ports, two of them are usb 3.0 which is nice. using it more as a dock then a cooler. it has some lighting effect that is real nice that goes along with alienware laptop very well. at home i just use a logitech lapdesk n500, no fans but the padding makes it very nice to use on your lap, and gaves a nice angle for typing on your desk.
  4. i'm not sure if disabling the psu warning will let you use more power, the limiting factor is still the bios. i used a 240watt psu on my M15x, it didn't really help anything other then the psu staying cooler over the stock 150watt. on both psu my maximum power draw was about the same 185watts under full load with extreme oc.
  5. i would consider myself a huge fanboi, everything i buy, i try to custom it to make it look like an alienware product, hahaha
  6. Anyone still having Throttling problems should check your bios version, if older then A08 then update the bios to A08 or newer. Should fix your throttling problems.
  7. only had an r2 for a few weeks but the screen on it was awesome, sadly i'm a single gpu kind of guy so i went with the r3. still a nice screen but still a huge difference between the two.
  8. here is mine: it was running 27x for most of the run @ 2700mhz. only ran at 30x for maybe 20 secs.
  9. hahah thats a good idea. pm me if you really want one.
  10. its a vinyl decal. got a vinyl cutter at work, hehehehe
  11. nice benches Brian. yeah but isn't ichime using the dell bios atm?
  12. Thanks Brian, can't wait for your review of the unit. One part of the r3 that's bugging me is the whole media key assembly mine is starting to peel back and separating. I will posts pics of it tomorrow, I think that part will be a problem for many people since the media keys takes a little force to push. But other then that I love this laptop, Repasting has never been so easy Hahaha. Also something seems off with my score, just saw ichime r2 6970 score it seems much higher with only a slightly higher oc. Edit: his clevo card has more shaders.
  13. here is a link for my thermal paste guide: Download THERMAL PASTE GUIDE.rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way gpu replacement guide: Download M15x GPU.rar from Sendspace.com - send big files the easy way
  14. sup guys inap here!!! manage a 850/1050 run. also tried to up the voltage to 1.15 but bsod upon start up, guessed i shoulda try something less like 1.11 to see if it would take but to lazy atm. also using the modded 11.4
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