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  1. Anybody here into video editing? I would like to check something for upgrading my setup. I don't really have the budget for an eizo but maybe has an alternative? Thank you
  2. @cascascas Can i ask you what power supply you use for the gpu?
  3. @entzoe did you this setup for any video editing maybe? I have the same macbook and i want to put an egpu to accelerate my rendering! Any input would be great
  4. Well my MB is early 2011 so i will have a huge difference from your speeds
  5. What is your setup and how is your performance? I am interested in Cuda acceleration actually.. Thank you
  6. @Miller having in mind that the 980 ti is faster than the 970 do you think i still get a boost, or since i have TB1 i am still limited to super low results?
  7. Hey Miller thank you very much for your reply, this means that if i get a 980ti i can have the drivers from the script right? Is there a way to know how much of an acceleration i can get? I am not really interested in Win bootcamp actually so that i don't have to look for all my apps again for Win. Kinda silly maybe question, the script is getting the drivers illegally??
  8. Damien

    Which video card??

    Hoi @geefi868 yes i 've read a post about that same setup. i was just looking at the 1080 or 980ti for the extra power on the video editing. Did you get your Aktio from Mac4us?
  9. Guys i'm sorry if my questions is far off BUT i was just chatting with the Nvidia support and i asked them for the drivers support for my macbook early 2011 ( i didn't mention using it externally maybe this was my mistake) but i was told that currently 900 and 10 are not supported with mac and the latest card for mac is the 680. I'm getting a bit confused though now =/ I've seen all these setups with 900 and 10 cards on mac.
  10. Ok now I'm totally confused AGAIN, i just chatted with Nvidia support and they told me that the only card that gtx 680 is the latest card for Mac but then i saw all these people with 900 cards working on mac.. WTF??? Yeah maybe because I'm new here? I had full inbox with 2 messages, i deleted them so you can try again..
  11. But when i go to Nvidia's website and check for drivers i don't get anything for mac. its only windows and linux..
  12. Damien

    Which video card??

    Thank you @Zoldago i 've been checking almost everything and i checked this one as well ( well still checking ) Its just that since i 've never tried anything like that and nobody has the same setup as me I'm not sure how to proceed and what to get / setup. Thank you for your reply btw!!
  13. @Mike Thorn Oh man that's really disappointing, i thought i was finally getting it and no drivers huh.. Kinda stupid question maybe but the cud drivers from nvidia wouldn't help? For the Akitio, where are you located?
  14. Did it finally work @Mike Thorn? I am thinking of buying a 1080 with the Thunder 2 as well but i want it only for Mac for video editing..

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