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  1. Now, the latest bios is a08 (untested).
  2. You don't must install this bios. It causes some errors. A pink vertical line appeared on the screen and keyboard blinking. Also, sometimes, you could not get into the bios. I I am aware of return it and will wait when windows 8.1 is released.
  3. New Alienware X51 R2 is available in USA. http://www.dell.com/us/p/alienware-x51-r2/pd.aspx?dgc=SM&cid=56834&lid=4804500
  4. Hello! I have the latest wi-fi driver for Windows 7 64 bits. It is: Wireless LAN_Broadcom_5.100.82.135_W7x64_A (from driver agent). Have you found other for Windows 8 64 bits? Thanks! Edit: I have the Dell Wireless 1520 Wireless-N WLAN Mini-Card I think that I have found it but I'm not sure. File: Wireless LAN_Broadcom_6.30.59.20_W8x64UW8x86U_A http://support.acer.com/product/default.aspx?modelId=3920
  5. Please, I need to know if it works with the creative sound card using Dragon NaturallySpeaking. You can buy this excellent microphone here (I have a usb 9 in 1 tablemike): http://www.tablemike.com/shop.php This firm (speechware) is in Belgium (Europe) with spanish capital (I'm spanish). Thanks for any answer!
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