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  1. hallo,i want to install the latest mod as previous ones have worked wonders, i own an alienware R18 with a 780m and i noticed that mine is on neither inf mod's compatibablity list on the latest ne,so i am asking which one to use
  2. bought my alienware from bulgaria using the same method,works wonders on most things
  3. would have loved the concept if it was any other other company than Nintendo with the absolutely miserable graphics quality on their last gen of consoles, the 3ds has an extremely small screen and still everything is pixilated and super low res, not expecting the switch to be much different
  4. i've been on windows 10 since it came out and it's defs getting annoying, every few month i get the annoying 8 beeps and repasting/reseating my gpu does the trick for that, the fact that i know the drill on what to do for that is annoying as it is, and the lack of any form of addressing it from alienware and nvidia is even more so
  5. if it's not propriety then it would be great for someone like me that would rather have a slim laptop to walk around and a bulk on his disk for when they want to do some gaming, as long as the docks aren't too expensive
  6. hollo, local dave(insert_whatever_cause_dave_is_always_taken) here, found my way here through looking for modded drivers for my alienware, gonna be fun missing around with drivers for the first time in a while.
  7. around 25ish,some are just some free games i tried once and was bored to hell and back with, some are some timeless classics like age of empires/civ
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