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  1. I've been eyeing up the 1080's I'm about due for a new desktop so I'm thinking that will be what I go with. I just can't decided if I should buy it first and put it in my current desktop, might breath some more life into it. Though my current desktop isn't to shabby (i7-3370K, 32gb ram and GTX970)
  2. Older post, but for people looking into this, I'd recommend Ubiquity as a possible solution. Once the access points are setup, You can either wire each one back to a central switch, or if you just use the POE injector, the AP will detect it has no connectivity and reconnect to another AP using wireless. One advantage is you don't have to manage individual AP's, you can go into the console and make changes which will be pushed down to all Access Points.
  3. My first PC was a Corona Portable PC, It was based on an 8088, ran at a whopping 4.77 mhz, had 2 floppy drives, 256k of RAM and a monochrome screen, the keyboard tucked away into the cover that went over the face of the PC. I later upgraded it to 512k of ram by buying 16 dram dips and plugging them in one by one hoping not to bend any pins.
  4. That's more of a media converter then a protocol converter, I don't think you could send that over WiFi. While it's using an RJ45 cable it's not using Ethernet standards. So no WiFi access point or switch will understand what's plugged in. We had something like this in our conference room a long time ago, though the devices we had were for VGA. When looking for something that could use WiFi to transmit the HDMI signal, I would check the specs closely for latency. Anything that uses 802.1(Ethernet standards) will introduce lag into the video. That looks like an interesting device though, and a pretty good price for it. might be worth investigating, but keep in mind you will need to run a cat6/7 cable. and I wouldn't think there would be any lag but that all depends on what they are doing behind the scenes. Hope that helps. Also It just dawned on me you posted that back in January and now it's September. LOL Well hope it helped anyways.
  5. Hello everyone, I'm from the USA, found this site by searching for a BIOS wlan unlock for my Lenovo y510p. I'm an avid IoT device fan. From RaspberryPi, Arduino, NetDuino. I've written a Door controller for our local makerspace using wiegand rfid readers, an Arduino and a RaspberryPi. It was a fun project. It's been installed and running without fail for the last 2 years. gotta like that. Still exploring T | I but I'm looking forward to learning more and participate in the forums.
  6. I purchased a 7260 card from Amazon for my y510p, it arrived today and I got the dreaded "This is not an approved device, please remove it and pay us more money for our approved card" message. Now I'm not sure what I want to do. I searched for the Broadcom card, but couldn't find any US sources. I'm thinking I might have to do the unlocked bios, but flashing a modded bios is a bit scary as well. If the flashing goes bad, does anyone know if there a recovery process or will I have a brick? I'm rather annoyed that Lenovo decided to limit the hardware that can be used. I guess for my next laptop I might have to go with Dell instead.
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