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  1. This is exactly what IdeaFan does. Find it at forum.notebookreview.com/threads/ideafan-for-y510p-y500-g500-y580-y410p.796490/ or allstone.lt/ideafan/
  2. > I never managed to pursue the guy who I found that has reverse-engineered the Lenovo energy management app for different reasons. Well, whats your question? > I did find a guy who disassembled the app and am hoping there will be a way to control the fan with no hardware mod in software. If this is the question - no, you cannot control fan from the software. Its in EC firmware btw, so you will have to disassemble that, code in fan control support, and then you possibly could control it. While working with IdeaFan I disassembled everything there was, from app up to a kernel/driver level. What I did not - did not disassembled the EC firmware. Its way easier to install hardware fan control (like someone shows in forums) than going EC modification way. So IdeaFan is using 100% what's available currently through software.
  3. 1.6 is quite old. Use 2.0 it shows temperatures correctly http://forum.notebookreview.com/threads/ideafan-for-y510p-y500-g500-y580-y410p.796490/
  4. hm, so anyone successful to run internal screen on AMD with ultrabay adapter? Is custom bios needed for that or not ? which amd card did you use for that ?
  5. Of course it says that because its made with autohotkey script and uses ctrl+shift+o global hot key to run fans even when you are gaming. Read more on "what" virus your scanner is reporting and you understand. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/file/7257fcbcabd8a358262b4d73193d5aca9fc665701e1956c9a1659947b4acf182/detection I suggest you to be using Avira, McAfee or other normal antivirus, not some bit defender which misinterprets what is virus and what is not.
  6. Here you go: https :// drive.google.com/open?id=1OCV1-YaJuDJucl4Tq3ur_Hm7SGimUf-Q IdeaFan_v1.9.zip
  7. I would be interested in the design !
  8. so I just bought the adapter. Hm, so I guess its the latest version. Do I still have to remove the 103 resistor? I just assumed I will get v3 already, but it seems I got v2, or is that resistor ok and should be like this to run geforce gtx with bios v3 ?
  9. The EC should also be V3.08 . Different EC version can lead in some cases to no boot at all..
  10. How did you put 3940XM? It has FCPGA988 socket and 4700mq has FCPGA946 so 988 pins vs 946 pins. I though best you can go is 4910MQ
  11. beast is only 1x. This adapter is 8x. 8 more lines, so theoretically 8 times faster some pcie operations.
  12. Would it be hard to also include this custom GPU VBIOS for 755m to be able to have laptop on-the-go with internal GPU and be able to overclock it? Thanks.
  13. Lenovo puts cheap thermal pads. But on memory chips, there are none. First week I bought laptop I repasted it and put either quality thermal pads or paste on eGPU. Still works up to this day after, hm, maybe 3-4 years. I have y510p.
  14. Are there any instructions how to make it?
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