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  1. what do you mean by hand (hexadecimal ?) can i open the bios with some decompiler or something ? im gonna try with notepad++ (i tried every notepad++ decompiler none worked) problem solved i have now two gtx675m with 0.92v and 720mhz with P0 and P1 at same clock (only need repaste now)
  2. hi i received my alienware this week and i was testing some mods all days ,first i got lucky (it was shipped with A03 bios) so i patched my bios to A03 unlocked (thanks to svl7) which by the way opened insane and very dangerous options then i tried to run optimus on my two gtx675m but failed (apparently it's a hardware implementation) ,then i extracted my two vbios by using Nvflash 5.118 but when i opened the vbios in Nibitor 6.06 it couldn't detect or mod my gtx .i used nibitor and nvflash countless times and this is the first time it doesn't work so can anyone tell me how to mod these vbios so i can play with voltages and frequencies (also i bought MX-4 to repaste cpu+gpu) here is my bios gtx675mN1.txt (change the .txt to .rom)
  3. anybody have an idea why the latest nibitor can't read or save the vbios ? (gpu z can save it)
  4. i will get my m18x soon and i want to upgrade the 6gb ram that came with it so i wanted to know ,will the corsair 1600mhz 2X8gb work fine with it and will it work @1600mhz or 1333mhz like the 6gb that came with the laptop ?
  5. you can disable optimus in bios for the m17x and m18x .so you dont have to always get the fps drop in games.
  6. hi i just bought an alienware m18x r2 (i7 3610qm and dual gtx675m).i will get it next week and i want to ask if its worth it to flash the modded bios probably mine will be on A08 so is there a risk to flash the unlocked A08 ?
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