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  1. hi All, thanks for the suggestions guys...i'm using NIS 2011 not NIS 2013, but i kind of found a solution the problem is kind of fixed... its drivers issue... In dark void game if i turn the feature PhysX feature OFF from LOW(which i kept) no throttling at all the and works smoothly @ 120FPS... and Even if i had kept 3D Steroescopic feature OFF in Nvidia CP still the game works with 3D ON and Even 3D emitter turns On somehow... But alteast throttling is gone... But the Alinefx lights still don't work properly with games using Alinefx feaure for health monitoring... the lights GO dark after couple of minutes... But still thats not major issue... i have reported the Nvidia and created a case for driver feedback issue hope they fix this game issue in upcoming drivers... Anyways thanks for your helps and suggestion... \ BTW the A09 here is real nice... It helps me turn off my Optimus and help me manage to change few other setting like setting from HDD to SSD in port 1 where i used SSD and not HDD which was default also many other features... thanks for new Bios... Regards!
  2. hi! Thanks for the info but it did not help me solve the issue... i have created new thread here... your help in matter would be appreciated heres the link: 680M Throttling in game Alienware M17x R4 Please help! regards!
  3. Yeah Optimus really a pain it keeps switching even in 3D application from discrete GPU to Intel GPU and causes the performance to fall... Even i'm searching for how to disable optimus... i have M17x R4 with 680m and FPS fall all of sudden even though my temps are lower then 60°C... recoding with fraps while playing make game switch from Nvidia to Intel and recording gets screwed with FPS falling straight to 10-15FPS
  4. dude you must not be playing in max resolution on Full HD TV..try battlefeild 3 with ultra settings and then replyhow you game works... you get your answer there.. Alienware handle it like a charm
  5. i have checked the performance difference 3Dmarks score are almost 50-60% more in my new 680M then 580M...if you want i can upload the results too... - - - Updated - - - New Driver 306 on nvidia website gives more performance boost then original dell driver. Iwoul highly recommedn you guys to downlaod the latest drivers to get the best out of your 680M GPU...<!-- google_ad_section_end -->
  6. Hey guys...i have every thing default factory installed bios A05 Factory OS with Nvidia Drivers on my R4 680m but whenever i use fraps the recording is not smooth... the FPS goes down to 10-15 does anyone else have same problem.. Can upgrading to A09 solve it?
  7. I had 580M earlier now i'm having 680M its awesome performance difference...
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