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  1. MSRP is meant to be US $199, which is around 255-260 here. In Aus the cheapest reference card starts at 300, some AIB cards are $450-500
  2. My 880m is reaching 93 degrees and running at 800mhz instead of 950~ clock or 993 boost, with new thermal paste the idle temps dropped by 25+ degrees but under load its still hitting the temp max. Can this be caused by the gpu not having enough power? Just wondering if the unlocked bios will help.
  3. This card is a great bang for buck, its extremely overpriced where I live at the moment, might pick one up when prices drop.
  4. I only really enjoyed the first book that was short stories, then the books sort of deviate away from Geralt to less interesting characters. The first game had some major problems but it had great atmosphere among other things. I prefer the game over the book.
  5. Game of Thrones The Last Kingdom Futurama The Simpsons
  6. This game was too simple compared to Battlefield. I dont blame DICE entirely due to the license playing a part in why it was bad.
  7. Old School

    Devil May Cry

    Ive been meaning to play this game but I haven't got around to replaying DMC1, or playing dmc2 and dmc3. Hopefully i have a PC to do 1440p when i get around to it.
  8. Looks good but im wary of DICE making the same mistakes from past titles
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