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  1. I posted over on notebook review, and want to post here too. I would love it if Prema could weigh in on this as he knows much more about bios stuff then I do. I have a sager np8170 with a bricked bios. I just need advice on how to proceed with fixing it. I can order a new bios chip and solder it onto the board. If that will work, I might just do that. If there is a way to recover without swapping the chip, I want to try that first. Both the lights on the front bezel (amber and green) light up, as well as the power button and ST wireless light. I don't mind using the clevo bios, as long as it works. Oh, and I do have a Radeon card in it at the moment if that makes a difference. If I can't fix it without a new motherboard, then you all will see a lot of p170HM parts on ebay as I don't have $300 to throw at a 5yr old pc. I have both 120hz UDP and 60hz gloss displays/bezels, as well as a few other extra parts and a couple gpu heatsinks that are hard to get now. Ill probably put the stuff I can't use up for sale when I get it fixed anyway... so keep an eye out if you are looking for that kind of stuff.
  2. if you really want to try that, you might could use something like the Matrox Triple Head2go or some adapter like that... pretty much ties all your displays together into one super wide one... only with hardware instead of software like surround does. Otherwise you will have to export your monitor drivers and rename them.... uninstall your monitors and reinstall with the renamed drivers, and then reinstall your nvidia drivers. I have done this using the internal display and two other displays on my sager np8170, however it was not full hd because the monitors I used were older acer monitors at 1600x900.
  3. well, I know my p170hm will power this card, and if it comes out for notebooks in the MXM 3.0b form factor I might get it. What I am really looking forward to is the 700 series flagship card. Hopefully it won't be another one of those things nvidia did with the 500 series
  4. I am looking for an updated version of the vbios for my p170hm's 680m. I have the original modded one from a few months back, but I need the latest one to see if it will fix some of my stability issues when overclocking. I just downloaded revision, but it says: DON'T USE THIS VERSION ON SYSTEMS BASED ON THE CLEVO P1x0HM SERIES!!! So, I'm really not sure where to get one that will work for p170hm notebooks
  5. Has anyone tried a dual link setup with both pcie slots on the acer 6920g yet? I know it can be done, but I was wanting to know if someone had tried yet. Also, what card would you recommend for a 2x setup like that? I am thinking about trying with a NVIDIA 450 GTS.
  6. So, no working overvolt for the clevo cards? I am looking to flash the oc edition tonight, but would like to try an overvolt also to see if it will allow me to push the clocks even further
  7. Does the HDMI work now? A month or so back a friend of mine was wanting to upgrade to the 7970m, but found out that the HDMI port would no longer work after the upgrade, so decided not to.
  8. I would first check for a bios update... that may be your problem!
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