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  1. Hello everyone, I'm about a week late on my introduction. But I found this site when searching about white listed WiFi cards and found out that there is a lot of really good information here. So just call me DJ and just want to thank all the different users who help with modifications.
  2. Very good stuff, thanks again svl7 for your work. I might have to try this out later on. Right now I'm happy with my performance but it's always good to see that I have options.
  3. DjSpammer

    Y500 Disassembled (Pictures)

    Thanks for the pictures n1smo, For what ever reason I always thought disassembling a laptop would be hard, but as you have shown its actually really easy. My hard drive is starting to die and I also want to change out my WiFi card. So I'll be needing to change both of them out, which is such a easy process.
  4. DjSpammer

    What music are you listening to right now?

    Awesome thread, got some good music I can add to my youtube playlist. Might take me a little bit to go though all 32 pages though. Recently been listening to Coheed And Cambria - Welcome Home:
  5. DjSpammer

    The New Nvidia GTX 1080

    I currently have sli gtx 980s so I'm good for now but the cost per performance of these cards (1080 and 1070) is something you cant ignore.
  6. DjSpammer

    What movies have you seen lately?

    Recently re-watched the matrix trilogy, such good movies. However its funny looking back at them and seeing the CGI, now a days its so obvious.
  7. I only have 8 games, a lot less then people in this topic. Steam summer sale is going on now so I might get a couple more.
  8. After having a couple issues with my hard-drive this week, I wanted to see if i could upgrade my WiFi card. Doing a bit of googling, I find out about this bios white list. Of course I immediately check to see if there are workarounds and I find this site. So just want to thank svl7 for this topic, at this point I'm just waiting for the promotion system. I'm planning on getting the Intel AC 7260, however I'm just waiting to make sure I can modify the bios first.

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