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  1. https://www.techinferno.com/index.php?/forums/topic/10107-15-mbp-gt750m-gtx98016gbps-tb2-thunder2-ammo-case-w10macos-1012-sierra/ ^ my build thread with that exact laptop (save for a 2.8 GHz i7 instead of a 2.5). Didn't really have any more issues than usual.
  2. @irokez dude lol you're posting a general tech support question directly into my build thread FYI haha. Might wanna post it somewhere where it'll get more hits, like a new topic in the eGPU experiences forum. FWIW I think it's your PSU as well.
  3. Added this to original topic: (NEW) FIX FOR macOS NOT POSTing: Run Goalque's script in "-a mode". This apparently alters something regarding the thunderbolt chipset on every shutdown, so when rebooting back into macOS, the eGPU will initialize properly every time.
  4. A little late, but I'd like to reply that when running macOS (shutting down from macOS, starting back up in macOS), running the goalque script in "-a mode" actually solved this issue 100% for me. That being said, Windows booting is still the same crapshoot, and running the script in -a mode seems to prevent Windows from detecting the eGPU on first startup (gotta reboot into Windows twice for it to work).
  5. I'm running the green LED light bar seen in the main pic off the fan header on the Akitio PCB. Didn't work when I tried it on the LED header (probably not enough power to run the whole row of lights)
  6. Hi@goalque, the thread you linked is mine; are you saying that if I were to run automate-eGPU.sh -a, that my random-non-POST issue should be resolved?
  7. Literally in this same forum, one post below this thread is an Optimus "internal LCD mode" guide.
  8. It's not goalque-script-easy, but I regularly LAN party without an external monitor, using my eGPU for Optimus, on my dGPU-equipped MBP. Details and process are in my build thread: Also, OP: nice setup! I'm jealous of your Ti.
  9. Damn. I'm stumped. I know that the 970 for sure works with Optimus as one of the guides I used for enabling Optimus was running a 970. Wish I could help figure out your problem but I'm at wit's end over here. Sorry man.
  10. ...weird, it shouldn't say inactive. Does the 970 show up in Device Manager okay? No exclamation marks or "device could not start" messages? You're booting up with apple_set_os before you boot into Windows, correct?
  11. Just to check the obvious, the 750m is disabled while you're trying to run Optimus, correct?
  12. Here's what it looks like on my end. Maybe try creating a program-specific NVIDIA settings page for furmark and setting it to use High-Performance, see if that changes anything?
  13. That is the oddest thing. It does look like the apps are running on the wrong card, but what's weird to me is Furmark's benchmark report... It says the renderer is the Intel GPU, but has the PCI ID of the GTX 970 (10DE is NVIDIA's Vendor Code...) I'm really stumped at this point. Does the 970 work when you have a monitor hooked up to it, and boot into Windows "normally" (i.e. non-Optimus mode)?
  14. I wouldn't trust the system tray widget. Can you run an app (e.g. Furmark) or game and see which card the app is using, as reported by the app itself?
  15. ...there is no difference between the "mobile" driver and "desktop" driver, I've been using whatever the latest NVIDIA driver was for the internal GeForce cards since my 2012 MBP. Even the boot camp driver is a byte-for-byte installer (of an older driver) from NVIDIA's Driver Downloads. You do however have to have both cards active when you perform the install to get the driver to recognize and activate both internal and eGPU. Parallels bootcamp drivers might be messing stuff up, and unfortunately I can't test much more for @unclegravity since I'm on Windows 10 1511 and not running any odd drivers like those.