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  1. Got this solution from @P-Mac. I disabled the 750m with this app, and had my monitor plugged into the egpu (980ti) https://github.com/Eun/DisableMonitor i had to shut the mbp screen and then reopen the lid. Then turn the brightness all the way down to kill the lit pixels. But I was able to get 14fps on alexa 4K footage prores 444. with davinci and still output to my ultrastudio minimonitor. But the footage can not be on the same thunderbolt bus. ill test with my 6K footage and the USB ports with my SSD and spinning drives when I get a chance. I think I can bring this rig on set now.
  2. You are the best! There is a whole thread about this problem. I get 14fps with my gtx980ti with 3 color correction nodes and daisy chained my ultra studio mini monitor for output with alexa uhd 444 footage. You are going to make a lot of people happy. Footage can not be on the same thunderbolt bus. optimus next.... Have you successfully overclocked the Retina display to fire at higher hz?
  3. Amazing!!! I can't wait to try it out with davinci. This might solve a lot of problems people are having. I'll update later. Laptop is out on a job right now.
  4. Awesome setup. Gives me hope that you have a 750m and got optimus to work! What is your osx setup? clamshell mode? When you are running FCPX are you just using your external display? I thought I was getting a bump in Resolve, but after hours of rendering I noticed I was not getting a gain over the 750m. From my research Davinci has a problem choosing a cuda enabled device and always defaults to the internal. thanks in advance!
  5. I think it's a bug. Both GPUs are doing what they are supposed to be doing. It just doesn't show up in the preferences. As stated above, everything displays properly in my window's preferences, but only my 980ti shows up in osx. Performance is the same between both operating systems. In both of our builds the 980ti and the Titan are overkill for our CPUs and akitio.
  6. In windows it shows video card 1: GeForce GT 750M - GUI only, Video card 2: GeForce GTX 980 Ti In osx it only shows the gtx 980 Ti, but performance is the exact same as in windows (and the eGPU can not drive the internal display) The Ipad 2 is using "air display" as a 2nd monitor (i suggest using duet instead, 60fps on the ipad) The ipad retina is using "VS element" connected via tangent hub. The app is free for one hour each day. But keep your eyes out for the tangent ripple. It's a control surface for $350 coming out soon.
  7. @Necemon I can playback red 6K footage at 1/4 res at 23.98fps. In windows when I overclock the card I can get 16 fps at full res 6K. If I modify the bios I'm sure I can pull down the same speeds on OSX. I don't have any Alexa footage on hand. I can try and get my hands on some and do some tests. Are you east coast? how fast are your drives? If your media is on a spinning hard drive I would bet that's your main culprit. @maarten the answer to your question is no, windows will not recognize your eGPU without additional software. You will get an error 12. You don't need to purchase the DYI eGPU setup it just makes things easier. I would say I'm pretty tech savy, but doing the DSDT overrides myself is a bit out of my depth. What really impressed me was Nando's support. He answered most of my questions within a few hours, even on Christmas Day. (Def worth the $25) @Dschijn I followed your advice running my cpu at 3.0ghz everything runs super cool/stable, no matter how much abuse I throw at it. Rock solid advice. Thanks!!!
  8. Very big thanks to the tech|inferno community!!! This is my first post. The forum actually was under revamp during my build, It was a good thing I was trolling this site for about 8 months and pretty much had the entire site in my web browser cache. Hardware Late 2013 Macbook Pro Retina with GT750M, MacBookPro11,3, i7-4960HQ 2.6Ghz, 16GB RAM, 500GB SSD MSI GTX 980TI Gaming 6G Akito Thunder2 PCIe box SilverStone Technology 500W SFX-L Form Factor 80 Plus Gold Full Modular Lengthened Power Supply with +12V single rail, Active PFC (SX500-LG) SilverStone Case (ML07B) CalDigit Thunderbolt Station 2 Blackmagic Ultrastudio Mini Monitor Samsung 850 EVO 1 TB 2.5-inch SATA III internal SSD (MZ-75E1T0B/AM) StarTech.com 3m Male to Male Thunerbolt cable (TBOLTMM3MW) 6 Gbps SATA III to eSATA Cable - 3 feet (2 pack) Ebay - ANTRON CHD04+12BARREL2.5 -MOLEX 4 PIN TO +12V BARREL ID 2.5mm OD 5.5mm USA MADE (3 pack) Shielded 3M™ Flat Twin Axial Cable Assembly for PCI Express Extender Card Applications (3M12028-ND from Digi-key) Insignia Bluetooth 4.0 USB Adapter - Black PS3 Controller The Hardware Test - OSX 10.10.5/DaVinci Resolve -NYC Gaffer -Aspiring cinematographer, needed more horsepower to hack at my 6K footage. -Constraints of living in New York, desktop is not an option. -Test was a success! Time for the build. Akito Thunder 2 -I took the enclosure to the shop and hacked the case down to this. -Affixed what was left of the Akito to the SilverStone Case -I originally had the SFX 600W power supply. It arrived DOA. I strongly recommend not using the SFX PSU, It has a smaller louder fan. the SFX-L has a quiet 120mm fan that lines up with this cases vent holes -Paper Clip trick (pin-out diagram in the manual, cables are black) -Time Machine Drive -Akito PCB -GPU + SSD -I used an expensive 3m PCIe riser cable (the ones with the blue tape from amazon are doo doo. You can see the quality of the solder points on this cable) -I've read plenty of horror stories of people blowing out their GPU or mobo using cheap cables -Molex to Barrel to power the Akito PCB -Caldigit Thunderbolt Station 2 -2nd Molex to barrel adapter to power the Thunderbolt hub. -SATA to eSATA cables -Future project: 4 - 1TB SSD raid 0 using both eSATA and USB 3.0 ports (need fast storage for 4k - 6k footage) -Bottom drawer -Casual Gaming Setup -Bluetooth SCP DS3 -PS3 Controller -Laptop Cooler (clam shell mode is not recommended, overheats easily) -DaVinci Resolve Setup using the UltraStudio Mini Monitor output to the TV (end of the thunderbolt daisy chain) -GT750M=GUI, GTX980TI=horsepower (not connected to display), UltraStudio Mini Monitor=Output -CSGO setup is not so different, just add Steel Series Mouse, Big mouse pad, 7.1 headset, and keyboard (but in Windows) Software: OSX OSX 10.10.5 - I was stumped for a few hours because I needed to use version 0.9.6 vs 0.9.7 of goalque's script because I have a dGPU It seems like he's solved this issue with 0.9.8 which is great (0.9.6 was really hard to find). Goalque you are the man!!! I thought the OSX implementation was going to be difficult, but it was a breeze thanks to you. Here is a helpful youtube link to deploy the script (watch all of it before you begin). Software: Win8.1 (Master Boot Record) I had trouble installing Win8.1 MBR (I tried from Disk utility, and from windows install cmd prompt - diskpart to create a MBR partion, but I failed) I'm sure there is a better method, but this is how I did it: Bootcamp Assistant: remove the windows partition Insert install usb on left side USB port. Used bootcamp to install Win7, 1st step is creating the windows/MBR partition (if I broke the install process and tried to Alt/option to the usb installer I would lose the keyboard and mouse) Booted back into OSX and used bootcamp to create a WIN8.1 usb install installed WIN8.1 on the WIN7 partition. (Nando's DIY eGPU Setup 1.30 works best with MBR vs UEFI, which is the reason for all the fuss) Paypal $25 to Tech Inferno Faneva to get the DIY eGPU Setup 1.30 (best $25 ever spent) Very Special thanks to Nando for quickly responding to all my questions. He sent me a specific startup.bat and pci.bat for my GT750M All installation instructions are sent with the software in a very clear email. Install the CalDigit drivers for the Thunderbolt Station 2 (this caused me a bit of grief, I assumed the drivers were installed because my drives mounted when I booted with Just the TB hub) I used my wife's hair ties to firmly secure the eSATA cables to the hub. If they are slightly loose, the drive will still mount, but will not function or format properly. Disabled windows Paging and hibernation Windows automatic login Overclock eGPU: MSI Afterburner (+125) 1490 Mhz core on boost (+505) 4009.5 Mhz memory 64.4% ASIC quality 110% power limit 87mV 91c temp limit custom fan curve ~74c Load, 50-60% fan speed Under-volt CPU with Intel Extreme Tuning Utility: I've been getting through the benchmarks with -74mV, but I would crash after an hour or 2 of intense gaming been testing -53mV right now for stability Macsfancontrol to boost internal fan controls Benchmark results 3dmark13-FS=13228 Unigine Heaven Benchmark 4.0 score: 2091 Valley Benchmark 1.0 score: 3488 Startup procedure Laptop off, eGPU thunderbolt cable connected to port closest to MagSafe, power on eGPU, power up laptop. If boots to black screen: turn off Laptop off, disconnect the eGPU thunderbolt cable, power cycle eGPU, power on laptop holding down "option", wait for the boot drives and the mouse cursor to appear, plug in eGPU thunderbolt cable, select drive If hangs at boot selection, power off laptop (leave eGPU connected and powered on), power on laptop Almost always works if it comes to this stage (keep in mind this is for my particular setup) Very pleased with ease of boot, I was experiencing nightmares during initial build. I can't thank everyone enough in the forums for sharing their experiences My question: Are there any OSX overclocking utilities, like afterburner? (before I start playing with the maxwell bios tweaker)
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