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  1. Its awesome to see the R4's qualify for an upgrade. I might just actually swap my 14X for a 17x now
  2. Hey everybody! I was fortunate to run into this forum thanks to a diy eGPU install video on youtube. Thanks to nando for his setup program so I can get my eGPU recognized on my Alienware M14x r2. All I need now is a custom bios to overcome whitelisting & I'm all set!!! Cheers (& good luck to those looking to run an eGPU setup)
  3. I'd rather invest in a laptop with one of those new video card amplifiers tbh now that they're coming out with those...
  4. 1080 ONLY uses 180W?! Talk about a dropdown on power consumption...
  5. I'm wondering if the bios still works well with others that have the system?
  6. DIY eGPU works great & the EGPU is recognizable. Unfortunately, I can only hotplug my eGPU at the moment. Setup 1xx can recognize the WiFi card, but does anyone know how to anti-whitelist a port 3 pci slot?
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