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  1. How is the average FPS you were getting in both games with the lowest setting? I am planning to overclock my M14x, and try to play some newer games from 2014-2016, and which thermal paste were you using??
  2. Anybody still using alienware m14x r1? if yes, which 2015-16 new games that are still playable @900p at avg 30 FPS? I might not be able to buy new laptop or build a PC in a year or so, but i am considering to buy and play some recently new games, i have been playing only fallout:NV, skyrim, and overwatch these days
  3. I have been playing this game for the last couple of days, and yesterday i saw a lot of news that people being banned for cheating. I was kind of shocked how do you even cheat in this game because some hero provide a whole team wall hack, and for some healer heroes they can see where their teammates are and the health condition. I have been wondering since yesterday
  4. I have 46, 17 of them which i owned, and the rests are shared from my 2 brothers, feels good having brothers who played game and the ssame enthusiasm
  5. I do exactly the same and it has been working for me until now, i smokes a lot in my room, so the palmrest kind of getting them a lot and this solves it nicely, and no, it is not becoming sticky..
  6. I am planning on doing this, but somehow i stripped a lot of screws when try to clean my m14x, like my HDD is literally going to stay there forever mounted to the casing, any of you have ideas to remove stripped screws? I tried the rubber band method and doing some dremmel so i could have enough space for negative screws, but i don't have steady hand and it seems that i will just worsen the condition. And i live in germany, if anybody knows a tool that i could buy here to help..
  7. Anyone playing overwatch on m14x R1? I connect mine to a 1080p screen and could only get average of 25 fps. If any of you could get above 30 fps, what are your setting and did you guys OC?
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