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  1. Shiroshidm

    GTX 850M VBIOS 135mhz unlock (ASUS X550JK)

    @Klem i have the same PC, GPU throttles down to 450hz at 82°c ! can you help with that ?
  2. Shiroshidm

    Gtx 850m ASUS X550jk Overclock limit help

    If someone can help take off the throttling temp at 82°c on this Vbios it would be great!
  3. Shiroshidm

    Account Promotion Question

    Yes, i just read it in the "Announces and news" forum tab 5 Quality posts and activity over the course of the week gets your account flagged for reviewing, after that you get promoted and get the ability to download stuff.
  4. Shiroshidm

    vBios clocks unlock 850m n551jk

    i have the same, my GPU throttles down to 450hz after hitting 82°c.
  5. Hello everyone, looks interesting for people who wanna overclock and do some GPU tweakings!
  6. Shiroshidm

    Read & Write Everything

    Can the program overwrite security protocols for fan tweaking ?
  7. Shiroshidm

    N550JK modding vbios of GTX 850m

    Can you link the modded vbios again ?

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