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  1. as many requested, I've uploaded the gpu bios in a new link. https://mega.nz/#!QpQXSSCb and I'm really busy with my exams, so its really rarely when I'm checking in this awesome forum. good luck everyone! as many requested, I've uploaded the gpu bios in a new link. https://mega.nz/#!QpQXSSCb!WR0Mx1S35pybyRONXh2t_xaJ11gR2lDP1sqwRB62ff8 and I'm really busy with my exams, so its really rarely when I'm checking in this awesome forum. good luck everyone!
  2. Yes mine is ddr3 too but got stable core at 1370 and 199 for memory Scores 5900 in 3dmark 11 and 3600 in 3dmark 13 Maybe the card can be pushed more in n550jk due to dual fan cooling - - - Updated - - - And im away from my laptop for a week when i'm back i will upload it somewhere else - - - Updated - - - And im away from my laptop for a week when i'm back i will upload it somewhere else
  3. first of all i'm sorry for being late ... i dont get notification to my email with new replies now there is many way to dumb bios and all of it works perfectly for vbios the one needed to extarct is a line without a name in 6D line for maxwellbios tweaker I have raised the core clocks with its turbo boost and lowered the temp tdp from 92 to 80 but u need to do some tweaks to ur cpu like xtu undervolt -80 mv and disable turbo boost since the cpu is so powerfull and alot of power not needed and plus making the gpu run hotter since the cooling system combine the cpu and gpu under same bridge for cooling and u should use throtllestop to make the cpu run on 1.8ghz which is also more than enough to play gta v 1080 with very high /high setting with temp between 65-74 last thing use notebook fan control to use fans at full speed more than 60 which only in gaming the laptop become more than 50 u can use my vbios 1.zip - - - Updated - - - and then u can use the best stable setting with msi afterburner if u use my vbios core clock +110 memory +199 more than that u probably getting artifacts best wishes - - - Updated - - - oh sorry i didnt relize that u have x550 i thought its n550 so in mmtool when u need to extract vbios there is two files in extract tab dont extract and replace the file from link present 10de 1391 it will not work u need to browse the files below it will not have a name .. just empty line for me its 6d .. for u maybe yes maybe no , u should find it ur self and replace it back and yes u can use my vbios ,, i have used 950m vbios :'D
  4. hala Ahmed .. I've no idea if u can dumb and flash ur whole bios .. and yes its the same GPU so it should work. but keep in mind that HP is poor at cooling so u should keep an eye on the thermal management or u will end up fried ur motherboard its really simple u just need these tools : -AFUwin64 to dumb ur bios and flash it later -Mmtool to extract ur bios and edit it and replace it back -maxwellbios tweaker: to manage ur clocks
  5. YES .... success ..... finally was replacing the wrong file in mmtool now managed to to get +400mhz on core and +199mhz on memory scored plus 900 in firestrike benchmark and jumped in shadow of mordor from 18 fps to 28 fps on 1080 ultra - - - Updated - - - plus the temperature jumped from 62 to 64 ... not a big deal
  6. If its possible, could u tell me how close Im to success Or point me which part of bios I'm mistaken with so i can fix it my self 😁 like in mmtool or amicb
  7. bricked my laptop and recoverd it by ctrl + home and power on with usb ................................................................................... now I will stop because it seems this laptop is impossible to mod for gpu clocks
  8. suwidah

    Bricked g751JT

    hold ctrl + home and power on the laptop with hooked usb 2 with the official rom from asus website renamed to g751jt.bin
  9. done all the steps, still the same, and mail has been sent to u - - - Updated - - - its really strange !! did a backup of existing main bios right now to see that all the changes is existed but it doesn't apply just for gpu
  10. it didn't work, still showing the default clock I don't know what is the real problem then but I'm gonna tell u what I did, maybe something wrong in it : -downloaded ur attached file and inserted it with mmtool to my backup bios rom -flashed it with afuwin64 and restarted several times to see changes in GPU-Z -and maybe this : tried to do the hard reset by remove the charger cable and press the power button for 30 sec without removing the batter because its non-removable, is it necessary to do this after every bios flash ??
  11. and these some tools I've tried : -FTP win/dos : i was able to dump the bios only /flashing got error 280 -nvflash : doesn't work because i think the bios is part of the bios -gpuz: i wasn't able to to save the vbios the same reason above -winflash : i was not able to flash modded bios with it, but i was able to downgrade the bios with cmd winflash /nodate -AFUDOS : yes i was able to backup the rom and flash with it , with gan.bat under bootable usb -AFUWIN64 : recently i figured about it and its able to flash the bios in windows I was able to unlock some bios hidden menu like thermal configuration my only problem that I'm stuck at point that changes doesn't apply to GPU I'm still new to this and I need someone to help me at this stage to unlock overclock core limit 135mhz or increase the core by 91.5 mhz to jump from 901.5 mhz to 993 mhz just like the new same chip GTX 950m
  12. after two weeks of surfing the web finally managed to get a backup of my bios and a lot of trying after modifying it tried to increase the core clocks of 850m or even remove the 135mhz limit but nothing works just the default clocks works i even checked the modded bios rom from a backup after flashing and it shows what i had modified ... any idea why doesn't modified vbios was not applied after flashing 850m stock and overclock.zip
  13. hey man i have tried to modify the core clock or remove the limit of 135mhz but nothing successful ,, any tips how to remove the core clocks limit ??
  14. @svl7 hey man I have n550jk and I have tried to modify the core clock then tried to flash with afuwingui but after restart nothing happen .. all the default clocks still remains
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