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  1. Hey guys, recently i do a full clean of my laptop with a dust cleaner, after i do this, my notebook didnt start, so i tried every metod but nothing, as u can see in the photo, my keyboard have 3 things blue colored and one of this (the tiny),is the one that need to start the PC but noto work, pls help me! THX. PS: i can't vive this in assistente becouse im in another city. THX again.
  2. Hey guys i need help to unlock the +135mhz limitation of my gtx 850m. Klem can u help me? here my VBIOS: https://mega.nz/#!J8cw0aLS!bLGu7R294W7wU52RDgTCvJIeBBF9jxrr066y7JpSg3o PLS POST IN A LINK LIKE MEGA.NZ BECOUSE I DON'T HAVE THE 5 POST! THX
  3. Hey guys someone of u can help me with this vbios? i need help to unlock the 135+mhz limit. Thx to all that reply here VBIOS ORIGINAL.ROM
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