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  1. "I think I already said in another forum, more okay! " ---- "I think I already said in another forum, more okay! " ---- Very good! excellent! I have a doubt, the race was in games with GPU 1200MHz? good, with a comparison I did here in the same games. with the same configurations of graph, I get about 20% less compared Overclock GTX660m. has more or less a difference of 6 -7 FPS. From my point of view, then, still not worth the investment to get the GTX660m. More'm very happy because one of the best laptops from ASUS supports an Upgrade. Long life to the G73! I hope from now Get the GTX670m few months, this case will offset the investment. Here in Brazil it will be very expensive! more worth it
  2. Very good! you are very interested in helping the Friends of the forum! your post was excellent! parabens! if possible, could you post a video showing the frame rate in a game such as DIRT 3. showing the configuration of the game and such! (use a camera to film to not change the measurement) anyway thanks!
  3. Suddenly the announcement was false, so it went off the air! see below my scores with GTX460m She's with the same punctuation gtx 660m in stock about. my overclock is stable. will be worth Spending more than 300 USD, and install the GTX 660m? you answer me I would ask a screenshot showing its index score of windows 7 experience Thank you! When will the GTX 660m G73JW Videos on youtube?
  4. yes, I had seen a model of the venda 3GB plus ad is no longer on the air. you believe that 1GB will be enough to run all games 2012?
  5. try the following. remove the CMOS battery, leave few seconds without battery. Enjoy and if possible check the battery charge with this (use a Multimeter) if not solve, the problem can apparently be the same motherboard. I believe that may be the Intel Chipset.
  6. really the performance of the GTX 460M is still on top in 2012! one optimal fps My G73JW with this GPU Overclocked 810Mhz, and the tests that I realized is only 20% slower than the GTX660m I was thinking of putting a processor Extreme, most do not know if this will increase anything else!
  7. it seems that you may have damaged a cable or connection! this may be causing a short circuit or something. I already went through this problem when I clean out my G73JW when ridden forgot to connect the cable LCD = (!
  8. you have any recommendation in relation to thermal pads? I was thinking of using it in place of pasta, CPU and GPU. what would be the recommended thickness?
  9. Hello, Very good your post! I wonder if I can purchase any model of GTX 660m, has some on Ebay even with 3GB VRAM, I can update with your VBIOS?
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