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  1. Unfortunately, it's not just the drag and drop part. The actual app window is different and has a different response by asking to drop the name of the modified file after. So it's not just a matter of the bios file getting modified by the program, but something is not set up right. I stopped working on it and was getting my super slow desktop wifi up to speed. Damn asus pce-n53 was getting less than half the mbps of this laptop (50-60mbps), but now it's slightly better on ookla and much faster (wireless N) on lan speed (nice program to test speeds between router and device). http://totusoft.com/lanspeed/ I need to figure what I'm doing wrong here and see if I can get it work right. Maybe I'll set it all up on my desktop to modify the bios file and see if that works. I plan and doing a fresh install on laptop once/if, I get it all running.
  2. I used the following link off a youtube guide and it made .rom copy of my bios that is the same same 4.5mb as the original. It didn't work either. I hope I didn't compromise my laptop because I had to disable avast to run it. Damn Lenovo. I will remember all this bs just because they wanted to nickel and dime us on the wifi card. http://www.mediafire.com/download/55b9tnsewfn0i89/Universal+BIOS+Backup+ToolKit+2.0.zip I am going to start over. I just realized I did download an upgraded 2.07 BIOS from here, but I don't see where and how it gets used. Hopefully that is why this isn't working right. I am a terrible multi-tasker and should have done this when I was free in the evening lol.
  3. I got my new wifi adapter and will be installing today hopefully. So far I was able to make the bootable drive and do a back up of my bios, but when I run the bios fixer, it doesn't run like it does in the pictures. It makes a black dos command type window. It asks for the bios file so I drag and drop the back up copy and it says to enter the name of the modified backup bios. It's there I get stuck and I am not sure what to do. I was thinking maybe I used the wrong file or set the bios fixer utility incorrectly, but I'm not sure where I messed up. In the tutorial it makes a modified bios. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thx! Edit: Last week I updated the 2.02 bios to 2.04 directly from lenovo. Y500 Windows 8.1
  4. Thanks OP. Going to mess around with settings later as the fans have been kicking on more. Anyone know about undervolting the graphics card in a y500/750m.
  5. When I swapped my HD for a SDD, I thought I had it set up in UEFI mode, but it's not. My HD had gotten corrupted so I had to full clean install from a USB stick. Luckily the Windows ID was in the Bios and it worked, but it didn't set up in UEFI mode and though it's already fast, I read it's better to have it set up in UEFI mode. Anyone swap in SSD and get it run UEFI mode? Do you remember the settings used? TIA
  6. Thx OP. Plan to put in a new wifi card this week and maybe clean it up a bit.
  7. I just finished S2 of Daredevil and think that was the best super hero based show that I've seen. Binge S1 first if you can.
  8. Did you install the 7260, and how did it go? I ordered a used one and it should be here Monday.
  9. Thanks very much for all this information. I recently upgraded my modem, router, and pc wireless to AC. I knew that I could eventually upgrade the wifi on the 3 year old Y500, but didn't know all the steps. I found a cheap/ used intel 7260 that I hope will help improve my laptop. Will report back once I get going.
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