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  1. Akaraah

    [email protected] 2016

    Just more confirmation of what we already knew: http://videocardz.com/61503/leaked-driver-supports-mobile-nvidia-geforce-gtx-1080-and-gtx-1070 (or we can safely call it conjecture, all the same). You can find the leaked driver info specific to the original forum post by clicking here. Maybe a paper launch is right on the horizon. "Early August" as a lot of rumors seem to be pointing at is very, very close. If it's anything like when Nvidia officially unveiled the 1080 back in early May around or on the 7th, then they'll officially "acknowledge" the existence of these cards at least three weeks out before they're for sale. There's also these article about the "actual" desktop 1060 here and here (be sure to use translate or have google chrome if you're not a native Chinese speaker/reader for the second link). If there's truth to any of these rumors, perhaps Nvidia will couple the paper launch of the desktop 1050 and 1060 with the announcement for the notebook (not "m", mind you") cards. Thoughts? Happy 4th of July weekend everyone! Fellow Americans, non, native-borne, or otherwise.
  2. Akaraah

    [email protected] 2016

    GTX 1050 TI (desktop) and 1060 for notebook? Link to full article here. So some of the previous rumors regarding desktop cards in mobile chassis might actually be coming to fruition? Anyone else's thoughts? I guess it would make sense with the 1060 and 1050 TI since they'd still be less presumably less powerful than a 1080m.
  3. Akaraah

    [email protected] 2016

    I also noticed that there's no "P870DM2" included among those upcoming pascal photos... Perhaps @EVOC just hasn't provided photos yet or none were on ground? In any-case, should I take it as a good sign that given the upgrade-ability of the P870DM that there's no revamp in the works at the moment? Given it just launched in like December 2015 through February depending on the OEM, it'd make sense that no updated models would be show-cased since it is the current top-end model and already has thunderbolt type C support. Given how much I like the machine I'd love to just be able to upgrade to mobile/desktop pascal, and swap in a high res, higher refresh-rate panel and remain having the best laptop money can currently buy. @Prema is there anyway you can confirm if there's a "P870DM2" (which I hope is not quite a thing yet, lol)? 1070/1080 mobile Pascal? Full URL here: http://videocardz.com/60935/geforce-gtx-1070-in-notebooks-nvidia-pg611-board-spotted-gp102-400-gpu-confirmed Neat stuff coming out of Computex. I just wish under "Dedicated video memory" we could see whether it's GDDR5 or GDDR5X.
  4. Akaraah

    [email protected] 2016

    Agreed on pascal. Perhaps we'll get an awesome SLI option! Also, I'll personally be picking up my HTC Vive Monday or Tuesday so if you want I could always provide first-impressions. What I really want to test is how well 3D blu-rays function especially with 1st gen VR headsets. I bought VR desktop off of steam so I'll finally be able to test it this week. Definitely agreed here. I initially wanted to go for the 980 Desktop edition but like the benefits of SLI (one of which being super-sampling SLI x16 based anti-aliasing for games that aren't over-the-top demanding but still visually impressive). I felt only a 20% to 30% advantage over a single 980m wasn't quite worth it especially looking into the likelihood of selling the desktop card versus dual 980ms given only certain premium laptops can actually house it. AND...I knew the next gen would likely be only a year off at max from my purchasing of the P870DM. If the desktop-laptop edition 1080 gets overall lower TDP/wattage (say, 120w as opposed to the actual desktop card 180w) then I'd say a strong possibility for SLI. We'll just have to follow the money until then.
  5. Akaraah

    [email protected] 2016

    Good to know higher refresh rate panels are on the way. If the higher-res panels (3K, 4K) exceed DM bandwidth that sucks unfortunately. I'd love to be able to upgrade the display on my P870DM from 4K @ 60Hz to 120Hz (using it with SVP among other high FPS video playback software would be incredulous)! Perhaps there's a wy to clock it down to jut 100Hz or 90Hz so that it could function? I'd be perfectly fine with just those refresh rates. I really love my P870DM and don't want to exchange it anytime soon since it seems pascal will indeed be compatible at this point. I also wonder when these new machines and mobile pascal will be available. My guess would be August-September (pushing into October as well if the pattern is anything like yesteryear) time-frame. According to this article :http://www.pcgamer.com/nvidia-geforce-gtx-1070-and-1080-coming-to-gaming-notebooks/ we could very-well be receiving the full desktop edtiion 1080 rather than just 1080m initially sooner than initially speculated. Hopefully the 1080 desktop edition takes a cue from current standard MXM cards and can be done in SLI as opposed to the current 980 desktop edition.
  6. Hi all! Figured since there aren't many avenues out there as of yet that properly show how to dissect your phoenix, I'd try to take up the mantle with my own experience in upgrading the LCD panel from FHD 1080 to the 4K panel. Before we get started, I'd like to present a list a useful tools to have beforehand if you intend to pursue this endeavor. I'll be providing pictures of my own tools as well as links to various components you need for purchase if you intend to follow-suit: MOD EDIT: ATTENTION HUGE PICTURE LOAD AHEAD!
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