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  1. is there any way to unlock the volt mod on this bios? im stuck as 1185 with only 45C* ... I have another bios unlock with volt mod that only lets me clock to 1240 which is an upgrade but capped at 1240 Id love to try and go beyond 1300's ! ANYONE?
  2. So I have re- installed the manufacturers windows 7 with a fresh win 7 without the bogus software but ... for a while now my battery is dead as a door nob and i can't get it to charge, at all. I am not sure if this is due to a driver or a bad pack but I have for the most part, always had this laptop plugged in. any help would be appreciated... oh and yes i have tried deleting the Microsoft ACPI-Compliant Control Method Battery without avail.
  3. also the paste you are using is generic. Try some of the quality stuff, i believe its called arctic silver with diamond like silver particles. Much more conductive and far better heat transfer. Also if you have overheated and burned your cpu it may bee too late to go back this behavior is not uncommon to me, however it wont hurt to try and use higher quality paste. FYI you can drill holes under your fans to further increase cooling capacity. Here is a link for a How TO a
  4. yes, I do. However win7 only allows 24gb recognizable. the rest is unused. It does however in bios mode acknowledge and recognize the 32 gigs.
  5. well according to the benchmarks on youtube and google... win 10 is actually a slower performing OS. I just don't buy the idea of bargain for directx12 (which shows no improvement) but privilages for updates are withdrawn and you are stuck with an os that does whatever it wants, on its own.... kinda like our political system.
  6. stopgogo

    Asus G75vw

    any updates, have you attempted this endeavor? I assume all you would have to do is, since the mounting holes for the h/s are narrower on the new card, is perhaps add washers to get proper pressure... but what about the rest of the chip sets? Pretty sure you would havet o do a custom heat sink which looks like way too much work. 3 ounces of thermal paste and a metal block ? lol
  7. thanks for your help. im relieved that there is still a chance for me to grab this bios mod. FyI thanks to svl7 for the marvelous work! I'l be happy to lurk and post here all day if I have to cheers.
  8. stopgogo

    G75VW Bios Mod

    Hi, Im new to the forum and would like to access the link but for some odd reason, It won't let me dl the link. I would really appreciate any help
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