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  1. wat the g75vw?? with gtx 660m pleas i need bios with 1.2 or 1.15 voltag???
  2. Hello everybody. Due to a software issue, I need to replace my GPU on my laptop. I have GTX 660M and I would like to change it to an 970M. or 960m
  3. I plan to upgrade my computer to SLI two GTX 960s and I'm wondering if this'll be enough for demanding games like gta v, fc4, as unity dying light etc. with nvidia surround on three 1080p monitors. Should I go higher or will this card get the job done? I plan to run these games on high settings or better at the very least, also.
  4. Hello fellow tech geeks, Per Intel site 3610 QM can support up to 32 GB, Asus site only indicates 16 GB, but this computer design is almost a year old now. Asus may have only tested w/ 4x of 4GB memory sticks & will NOT go back & test with newer 8 GB sticks that are now becoming affordable. Has anyone tried running 32 GB DDR3 1600 CAS 11 on this unit? Is the 16GB limit per the system board specs, or the CPU specs. TY DaH

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