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  1. Hey Klem! I want the unlocked BIOS menu / wlan whitelist mod / vbios mod https://www.sendspace.com/file/iyyx5c Thanks in advance.
  2. Thanks for the info everyone! Moving from a m14x with a 3610qm processor with a 650m graphics card and 768p resolution, this should be a decent upgrade. When Pascal releases then I'll buy a good gaming PC, till then I'll just get a cheap decent one which the Y50 seems like the one that fits the category.
  3. 4700hq processor, 860m graphics card and 4k. From the experience on this forum, is it a good buy? Any overheating when pushing it on gaming? Any common problems or any reason I should avoid it? I'm probably getting it for $500, any advice on it would be appreciate it.
  4. First it is if anyone here is running an egpu with this laptop? Second after using intel extreme tuning utility my gpu got locket at 405mhz even when the temp is low and wont go any further than that? I can't download the unlocked vBios yet since I'm new here, anyone got any ideas to fix this? Even when I'm using ThrottleStop and Nvidia Inspector the gpu clock is stucj there. The memory clock moves, thanks.
  5. My thoughts exactly ^ Maybe just wait for pascal unless you got the money to blow. Hopefully pascal delivers what it promises.
  6. I've been waiting for this for too long and people are already talking about 8k? smh lol Focus on one thing
  7. DMX - X Gonna Give it to you Kanye West - Black Skinhead Kanye West - Don't Like Jay-z - HAM Ludacris - Get Back
  8. Just got this laptop and I wonder if the community for it is still active, some help would be appreciated
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