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  1. I am unsure exactly which driver to download. Its a little confusing. I have a alienware m17x r4 with a 60hz non 3d lcd and a 880m card. Could someone be so kind as to point me to the correct driver download for this setup. The only thing i can get to work is mr foxs older premade drivers. Id like the newer drivers. Ive tried modding the inf myself and it passes the compatibility check then fails the install. Yes i did disable driver enforcement. Also note i am running win10 x64. Thank you ahead of time. Seems like a great community here! I have a 3rd gen i7 if that makes a difference as well..
  2. Who is the admin to message so these files can be downloaded?
  3. I have the 770m working with a 180w ps. I went from 560m to 675m to 770m. Need to know how to flash vbios
  4. I have the 770m working properly and have heard that the 900m series works with modification.
  5. I have a Dell gtx 770m working with no issue. need to flash vbios and find proper heatsink.
  6. I have 4x8gb 1600 installed in mine. It sees 32gb just fine on gt683r. Hope this helps. It is dependent on cpu you have as well. i have 2670qm.
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