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    please link or upload an 3gb version can't find old links, love this vbios for lower ram version but can't find old file
  1. hey dude do you have the prema mod 3GB Link for the old Asus G751JT? can't find the file anywhere
  2. I agree Gsync is so good especially since it's easier on the eyes
  3. Everything seems to be working now, it's a great mod :D, I think it was in safemode/ EVGA is not good, Thank you for helping!
  4. Is it strange that i max out my gpu to 700+ and the temps are 44? , i thought everyone was getting 80c or near 92c or something, I downloaded the file for the 3gb asus and it's so cool still, i feel like it could go higher then max! I downloaded the mod and everything seems to be working perfectly but there's a problem when i use an extensive application gpu tweak says the gpu is stuck at 540 mhz, do i have to do anything more to make it unlock? No wonder why the temps are so cool
  5. oh wow apparently i do have 3gb , So how do i put the modded 3gb vbios onto the asus, Do i have to have an unlocked bootloader? or can i just flash it on to the graphics card after disabling it Thanks for helping by the way. Sorry im new to this and i've already bricked once, so it's best to ask directly
  6. http://www.techpowerup.com/gpudb/2623/geforce-gtx-970m.html this is what it says about my graphics card 6gb?
  7. It has 4gb vram but only 3.5 useable
  8. Theres no 4gb version of the 970m? I can't seem to find one anywhere in the forums.
  9. Hi is there any chance of the 4gb bios for the ASUS ROG 751jt ( 970m ) There is things about the 3gb 970m / 980m and the 980m 4gb bios but i can't see any 4gb 970m any help would be super appreciated!
  10. Im just wondering is there the VBIOS for the 4gb 970m graphics card? for the Asus G752VT i'm looking everywhere for it,,,
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