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  1. Thanks to this vbios mod, I'm able to overclock even further! I have a 3GB 670MX, it's a noticeable increase from stock vbios when I pumped up the core clock. Shadow of Mordor 1080p benchmarks results http://puu.sh/mFdJb/ac9a934263.jpg
  2. Hi everyone, Name's Dustin, I'm from Australia, I have interests in PC hardware and overclocking. I have an old modded CPU in my main PC, but I also own a Clevo P150EM laptop. Looking forward to learning from everyone in this forums. Cheers
  3. I solved the issues, just in case someone finds this thread here's what I did... Lowered Vcore by 60mV Lowered CPU multiplier from x33 -> x31 for single core. Lowered CPU multiplier from x32 -> x30 for multicore. Lowered GPU multiplier from x12 -> 7.5. (GPU throttle was too real, can't be helped) It still reaches mid 80's while gaming but I guess I can tweak it more later if needed.
  4. Intel has made huge leaps over the past years but that's an overstatement. I wonder what AMD's Bristol Ridge has to offer us when it comes out, it will be an interesting year.
  5. Hi, My sister has this notebook, it's equipped with an i7 4558U, and has a 1440p display. She's experiencing overheating even from the most basic tasks. Was wondering if anyone has a notebook similar to this that has faced similar problems or knows what to do about this.
  6. Surprised to see smash bros related content here. I used to play this game heavily at home and sometimes in tournaments, but recently shifted towards more Melee. I may give P:M on emulator a try one day just to see 720p or 1080p graphics being rendered.
  7. 25 games, I once purchased a $2 bundle with heaps of steam games but never touched any of them LOL.
  8. Thanks for the reply. I guess I have to take advantage of the CPU being unlocked now. Gonna play around with it. Well then... time to reinstall my gfx driver again. haha
  9. Hi Prema, I've followed your flash instructions carefully, and got Horize(Clevo) P150EM BIOS to your latest revision (P150EM_17_11_PM_v2_K2). However, during flashing, it seems like it might have skipped a part (the blue screen part at 7:00 on flashing guide never appeared) I'm seeing no new options in BIOS, and my 3GB 670MX GPU is still not unlocked. (Core can't go past +135Mhz) Before Flash: BIOS Revision: 1.02.16TLO KBC/EC firmware Revision: 1.02.11 After Flash: BIOS Revision: 1.02.17PM v2 KBC/EC firmware Revision: 1.02.11PM Originally used Nvidia Driver Version: 361.43, read somewhere that you recommend downgrading so I did a complete uninstall and installed 359.06, no difference. I did a reflash afterwards, no difference. Lastly my laptop in general usage has suffered a hit in performance (intermittent spike lags), but at least my gaming is unchanged. Please help, I'll consider donating if you solve my issues. Thanks PS: I sent you a PM on the main website, forget it as this post has more accurate details. :
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