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  1. The x1 @ 1.1 bandwith makes using internal screen absolutely imposible. Only external screen can show some acceptable framerates in many games. 8x60 or higher is recommended for EGPU setups.
  2. You can get an EXP GDC version 8.x with mpci-e slot connector, a gpu of your choice, something like GTX 960 or GTX 970 and a good PSU, at least having 450W. You will need ******'s software to disable the Nvidia GT 525m before OS is loaded.
  3. I see on the GPU-Z screenshot it states that your connection speed x16 1.1 @ x1 1.1 Your laptop can work on x1 2.0 speed, that doubles your bandwith. You can change the port speed in EGPU Setup 1.3x, before OS is loaded
  4. I have Dell M6600 and just upgraded to Nvidia Quadro K3000M. I saw "HP K3000M" modified vbios and "Nvidia K3000M" modified VBios. Should I flash the Nvidia k3000M or HP one? What clocks are stable for K3000M?
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