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  1. Hi everyone, I have a problem with the artifacts of the game. The problem is not my video card my games run smoothly, quite satisfactory details, I tested video card for artifacts and everything is fine. I read a lot of people do have this problem,but I never saw a reasonable solution. I use last drivers for nvidia 350.12 on GTX 680, i try to run game on maximum detail and the game runs very well, but even the minimum details still pulls artifacts. Is someone fix the problem? ty...
  2. I found some free time to mod my case. New RGB led lights with remote control, 120 mm Fan with termal sensor and thermal pad. CPU- 43 degrees (idle) -10 degrees down eGPU - 25 degrees (idle) - 5 degrees down When the load on the CPU fan can runs up to 1350 rpm, even loaded CPU remains cool enough.The lights are very beautiful and I set to shine in only one color, colors are changed to, to reduce the light to turn off remotely. Unfortunately, even with Nikon L810 can not a derivative color range to see real colors. I shot a short video which shows the system and gaming GTA V YouTube -
  3. Тranslation of my article in Bulgarian forum Upgrade, mod on laptop Dell Latitude E6420 + eGPU GTX 680 Hello, I decided to make this topic because I think it will be interesting, especially with useful information, I'm pretty dug in Internet and information is scanty on what will lean. I will describe in detail the upgrades as I could and that with which I am acquainted, will start from the beginning of before purchasing a laptop itself. I decided to buy a laptop, not too big but not too small. I stopped by 14 inches, I wanted to be with a matte display, magnesium housing and "external video", and of course money was a certain limit.Sift laptops Lenovo T420 and Dell Latitude E6420, to be more short Della won me over. Well I happy laptop, play who knows what games and I am pleased with him. Mina another month and I thought something must revive it a bit. And here it all began, now after three months, because just as now continues the upgrade and the tunnel is visible light -System info Dell Latitude E6420 14.1" CPU: i5 2540m (dual core) GPU: Nvidia NVS 4200 (ddr3 512mb) HDD: 250 GB (Seagate 7200rpm) RAM 2x2 (4GB Samsung) 1) My first upgrade was SSD 120GB Intel 520 series I put it in place of the hard drive with operating system Win 8.1 Enterprice 2) Caddy decided that CD-es I do not need, and remove it, there are 3 types of Caddy! laptop, if you decide to put, for example, measure the line with already the removed CD and see how many millimeters is because not happen! This film is not, buy some incense and put (personal experience) so I put HDD in caddy, who was with before this system program. In the beginning I had problems with SSD-hard drive and it does not "understand" a little pains in the bios asked him ACHI mode and things came into place. Caddy costs about 15 USD 3) CPU Can I switch from 35W to 45W processor and what will happen? To tell you, I read a lot of forums and what I found was a bunch of comments from savvy even at the Dell, only nonsense and nothing particular that it should be done, I even called at a service station and warned me not to do. So nice in December with such fun it slapped on the bottom! and 45W but to 56.250W! and it sometimes leads to very short. I7 is actually cooler than i5, at least for exactly these two processors. Processor works well, is cool and the difference is noticeable. I think that shows these two pictures. Processor is i7 2670QM * Thermal pad for chipset: pad costs about 3-4 USD and is 7-8 cm. Here again there is a difference, pads are 3 types in size! (thickness in mm). * Here's the problem, here each laptop is from individual to cooling. 2-3 benchmark, look GPU 103C?!? Come again disassembly, I'm not well placed or paste is much or too little and so with another pasta third paste, finally for 15 USD i buy a gram took ... May I call you something lit work. BUT CPU 45-52C in benchmark 70-75C, 80C chipset and GPU 103C. Again reading, it turns out that this particular Dell even i7 dual core cooling is not doing, not to mention the 4 cores. Just the balance is made and cooling it. Everything here depends on the cooling air flow distribution of the chip video processor and where it comes from and whether heat will do. So I turned off the NVS-and stayed in the video processor. 4) Mod cooler with two heatpipes, mine is one (a copper tube) Now perhaps more than a month and something somewhere in Malaysia I sit and I wait consignment .. hope to come already released photos. 5) Ram Memory - Dell has bus 1333MHz at 1.5V Can I put a plate of 1.35V 1600MHz bus 1333MHZ of 1.5V? May, at least I do not have a problem, memory work correctly and satisfaction. 2x4 GB AMD Radeon R5 Entertainment series operate on 1333MHz 1.35V 9-9-9-24 CR1 6) I ordered Beast-s (Extender from China) took it with expresscard version you this is my purpose laptop with a cable if I decide to do the pleasure to use it on a desktop PC. Extender come for just a month, about a week ago. 7) PSU Evga Supernova 750 Bronze Power is needed for video, not that I need so strong power, I took it for other purposes because has a 4x4 for CPU socket 2011 and 2011-v3 and 3xSLI / CrossFire 8) GPU Evga GTX 680 Superclocked Signature 2 I chose nVidia because my laptop has NVS 4200 and did not know how it will "understand" the driver, and if I take AMD could have a "conflict" among them ... 9) Monitor Dell Ultrasharp 27 "(2709W) There was no way, I can play on LCD-it home but after five hours not find my head so i buy this profesional monitor. Today i put together everything remains my micro ATX box, to put Extender, VGA, and power in it, not sticking out and everything is a mess and wait for my new cooling. The machine works very well, the CPU is cool 45-52S even in games behave ideally, the video card is in idle 25C 10) Soundbar I ordered saundbar, original ultra rice and I am very pleased with them. 11. Box Thermaltake Core V1 + ice lighting. I'm fascinated by the box, perfect workmanship, quite small, while spacious, apart from all countries and remains a "skeleton". Central 140 mm fan TT fast screws for dismantling all pages from above has a window, and the pages puncture. The panels are compatible with one another. * How to make LED lighting in computer case? My personal opinion is that LED lighting and just the led strip is at times beautiful the perfect size for light and compact cigar fan of the glass (illuminated), etc. Depending on the tape and the length is consumption, not startled roughly my band has about 8-9 watts consumption of 2 m, they are ample for the whole box. Here's what you need: Molex adapter and tape Enough to see where the cables connect the tape, I graduated with warm silicone, I do not bother solder Here I need to supply 140 mm fan on the box, coz i dont have mainboard Here we are placed, even at an angle barely visible Unfortunately had to cut page or housing of the box, I wanted to put my Extender and down towards the Bees (s Bees to put it in place on the back plate) but now two Extender in fact real and 20% loss of bandwidh, I think losses would have been more. I decided to cut plexiglass ... Here are the results. At start the machine diodes include instantly *Benchmark This machine of any benchmark has not been and behaved well, stood up against opponents like Alienware, Rog, XPS, MSI, Gigabite and many other gaming laptops in LSI / CrossFire mode and quite literally "eaten" Let's see what can 14.1 "inch business class My resultats in HWBOT Intel® Core™ i7-2670QM Processor My proffile in HWBOT I hope you found it interesting and generally useful information when upgrading and what happened.
  4. @Tech Inferno Fan tnx for information laptop info Dell Latitude E6420 14.1" CPU i7 2670QM RAM 8GB (2x4) AMD Radeon R5 SSD 120GB intel 520 series HDD 250GB Toshiba 7200rpm VGA NVS 4200 eGPU info EXP GDC Beast expresscard vesrion VGA GTX 680 EVGA Superclocked Signature2 PSU 750B(W) EVGA NEX series Monitor 27" Dell Ultrasharp 1920x1200 OS Win 8.1 Enterprise Valid results 3DMark-Fire Strike 3DMark11 Perfomance 3DMark06
  5. Hello from Bulgaria, i buy Exp GDC Beast with EC2 before 1 month. Working properly on laptop Dell Latitude E6420 with GTX 680 Evga SC S2. Here is my video of the project and here step by step of project. System Info Dell Latitude E6420 14.1" CPU i7 2670QM RAM 8GB (2x4) AMD Radeon R5 SSD 120GB intel 520 series HDD 250GB Toshiba 7200rpm VGA NVS 4200 eGPU info EXP GDC Beast expresscard vesrion VGA GTX 680 EVGA Superclocked Signature2 PSU 750B(W) EVGA NEX series Monitor 27" Dell Ultrasharp 1920x1200 OS Win 8.1 Enterprise Benchmark Results 3DMark-Fire Strike 3DMark11 Perfomance 3DMark06
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