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  1. Tried each of them. No combination of disabling them turned off the ultrabay graphics card, or anything really important for that matter. Port 1: Unknown (Didn't attempt) Port 2: No effect Port 3: No effect Port 4: No effect Port 5: Wifi card was not found Port 6: Wifi card was not found Port 7: No effect Port 8: No effect
  2. I think it helps a lot. Some numbers I've seen online show a ~10-25C difference. That being said, they also used a higher end thermal interface like Coollaboratory Liquid. I personally have an FX8150 and took the lapping route and noticed a couple degree difference. If you're apprehensive about it, I would try lapping your cooler and cpu first to get comfortable with physically abusing your cpu.
  3. I've heard good things from gelid extreme around here, maybe want to take a look into that.
  4. I normally just listen to some video game music, right now I'm cycling through Undertale because it's pretty upbeat.
  5. I found that there was a "case mod" on the lenovo forums where someone cut out excess material on their Y510P where the mesh is on the back and noticed improved cooling.
  6. If you're really looking for shaving off an extra degree of two without changing your setup, you can look into lapping your. I noticed a couple degree difference when I tried it on my FX8150. I would probably look into water cooling however though because it's kinda extreme and takes a few hours.
  7. I'm in the same boat too with 3.08. I didn't realize this thread existed before updating and now I'm looking to downgrade or find a modded version of 3.08. I found that when running the dual 750m on my Y510P, that the frame buffer is vertically shifting down when running anything other than windows. After removing the secondary GPU and booting into arch linux, the vertical shifting stopped. So I'm looking to use this for disabling the second gpu while keeping it in the slot because I don't want to have to order the fan to put in the slot instead.
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