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  1. Hi, would anyone here have a clevo notebook w/ the quadro m5000m, and be willing to share the m5000m vBIOS with me? I need to flash a clevo vbios on my m5000m. Thanks!
  2. What advantages are there for the 775dm1-g over the 770DM besides the ability to add a gtx 980? Is cooling that much better?
  3. Yeah, Eurocom told me that the dlx7 would be about 250 USD more than the sky x6 if the x7 was configured similarly to the x6. But I find that Eurocom seems to be the cheapest to get new Clevos if you live in Canada, but don't know if that's true for sure.
  4. There it is: Eurocom Configure Model Pretty expensive though, compared to their p770DM!
  5. Eurocom's new Sky DLX7: Eurocom Future Models Looks like a clevo, but haven't seen one like that before, and can't tell which clevo model it could be. For a 17.3'', it looks nicer than the P770-DM I think What do you guys think of this one?
  6. Flashed the vBIOS. It worked, thanks again!
  7. I tried to flash the vBIOS using nvflash from a DOS startup disk. It said that there was a mismatch, and wouldn't flash (nvflash.exe clevo.rom). Would you recommend that I proceed with typing -6 to force flashing the vBIOS?
  8. I removed the Geforce 980m and replaced it with the K5100M in my Clevo P770-ZM The card worked right away without having to modify anything. The K5100M was an HP card bought off Amazon.
  9. Thanks Prema. I'll try it out and post later on how it goes.
  10. Hi Prema, I was hoping you would be able to help me too. Would you happen to have a vBIOS for the k5100m (I have a P770ZM)? I saw this one by LightningPL http://forum.techinferno.com/clevo/7348-nvidia-quadro-k5100m-clevo-vbios.html, but don't know if it will work on a P770ZM.
  11. For the clevo p370EM w/ 980m in SLI, at least $3320 CAD, if you live in Canada http://www.eurocom.com/ec/configure(1,245,0)ec
  12. P770-DM Eurocom Sky X6. With an i7 6700k and 980M with Gsync and DDR4 Memory, it starts off at around $2300
  13. Check out Eurocom, they have some pretty good prices and lots to choose from. They sell clevo, and cheaper than buying a clevo from the USA. esp because the CAD/USD exchange rate is real bad right now
  14. Mostly vBIOS support - make clevo vBIOS available online (this makes having MxM more practical) Better displays (ie higher color gamut) and a docking station would be cool
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