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  1. Azibiz

    GPU not registering

    Check out Nvida Control panel as sup3er_b0wlz said, there you can select any program and set it for it to use your graphics card instead of the integrated one
  2. GTX970 is a good choice for the money I recon. Gigabyte GTX970 (3 fans) is well worth the money
  3. Azibiz

    Post Your System

    MSI GE70 i7 3610 GPU GT650M 8GB RAM 840 EVO 250GB - - - Updated - - - MSI GE70 i7 3610 GPU GT650M 8GB RAM 840 EVO 250GB
  4. No not really, it's the same as it was on my WIN7. It might be because of my laptop though, had it for few years
  5. Azibiz

    GTA IV - The best mods in Your opinion

    Can't remember the name but the one that turns your truck into a massive ramp. So much fun
  6. I've always used Zalmans paste, always good quality

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