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  1. Hi J95 I used your method, put in the new ID into the Devices and Strings, in the correct nvmii.inf for msi, and also under the correct windows NTamd64.6.3 Win8.1 Still didnt work, could you help? my laptop is MSI GT780DXR, I'm using Win 8.1, my device ID from device manager is: PCI\VEN_10DE&DEV_13D8&SUBSYS_110C10DE&REV_A1 thanks in advance Also, I'm planning on upgrading to Win 10 in the future, could you tell me which section I should put the new ID then? Like if Win 8.1 is 6.3?
  2. Pardon my stupidity, But the 970 heatsink is designed for the dual fan GT72, and I have a single fan. I dont think I can use a 970M heatsink att all. Either 460/560 or my own with some mods I think. But I did find a 460 heatsink on ebay, so, I think its a green light. I am sorry if my lack of knowledge is frustrating for you, I hope you'll forgive me.
  3. I did some research turns out heatsinks, individually, are hard to come by. But the guy from ebay also sells clevo or alienware heatsinks for the 970. Now I know I cant use them, but I only need the alumunium part of the heatsink just to fit it in my laptop. The seller said I can just mod my own heatsink with a dremel, but in your experience it takes too much thermal pads so I'm not sure. Do think I can just buy a clevo heatsink, and just take the alumunium out, and fit it onto my own? Or is it too tight and it wont come off? Thank you in advance.
  4. Hey man. Listen I'm about to buy one of your cards to install on my gt780 msi. One question tho, obvioudly thr heatsink will be a problem. But if I buy a heatsink from you, clevo or alienware heatsink, would I be able to just take thr aluminium part off the rest of the piping and fit it onto my own? Obviously because the gt780 heatsink piping is different from say, gt72 or alienware, but I just need the aluminium part on top of the card right? Im asking because a friend said that the piping is usually too fragile for me to be able to take the aluminium off, its too tight. Would love to hear your opinion.
  5. sorry again, what heatsink should I use? my own? or should I buy one? Also, what do you think of this? NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970M 6GB Laptop Videocard | eBay
  6. Awesome! I asked msi about it and they confirmed that thr gt780 can handle the gtx970m with no need to change the adaptor. Only I'll need to upgarde vbios and ec firmwares. I knew about the vbios but I have no idea what the ec is, and where do I obtain these firmwares? Also Bloetschkopf, do you have any pictures of your setup? Would love to see that heatsink setup.
  7. So what you're saying is, buy a GTX 970M, plug it in, also add the modded cooling, do the required stuff for the drivers and viola? simple as that? Im not being skeptic btw, I am the biggest sucker for hope. also I am in the same situation, gt780dxr, the gtx570m is dead, same old.
  8. Hello everyone, hope someone sees this... uh, I've also stumbled upon the same problem as this forum, the gtx570m dying... and I started searching and all, found this forum, its nice to know that the 770m works. can anybody tell me if the 780m works in the gt780dxr or not? I am on the verge of purchasing a card right now, so any advice is greatly appreciated
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