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  1. @Bloetschkopf Im really interested to swap my 980m 8gb in my msi gt60 20D with 1060 mxm You can post mxm card and msigt70 heatsink modified? with vendor mxm have you tested and vbios used? i have not g-sync
  2. hi my friend for clevo p150sm-a i flash 1.1.1 G or not G ? confused
  3. ok, stand by to tweak my clevo
  4. @Prema now clevo p150sm-a have a update P15xSMA_B0311, final final, you can unlock this with your mod?
  5. i think that bios that you want is a msi version
  6. im in test 970m gtx 1.1 (clevo) My original bios for my 970M GTX is Prema share stock is 84.04.2F.00.7A and i have installed this and when bench 3d go to volt 1.0370V Now i have installed prema 970M GTX OC Version 1.1 but surprise, is the mod for a old bios? Bench and voltage go 1.0V Little confused !!!! I think that if clevo go out latest bios and ec, prema mod this for P150SM-A and i go to benchmark seriusly
  7. Go to Maxwell run faster that Kepler. Buy a 970m gtx Inviato dal mio SM-G900F con Tapatalk 2
  8. thanks @Prema!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. @Prema, hi god of bios can please mod ultimate bios and ec for clevo P150SM-A?
  10. @omega939, can you share your bios
  11. thanks thanks im wating you mod when you realized best donations for you
  12. @Prema Hi, i want have one info, i see nowday that my firmware mei is!!!!!!!!! Damn this !!!! when you realized a latest mod of clevo p150sm-a you can put old versione of mei 9.0.x.xxxx? thats for this why not have full control of xtu? i do upgrade a v9.1.25.1005?
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