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  1. This is what I was thinking because it's the only component that is the same from the upgrade besides the case and GPU's. I'll give this a shot when I get home from work. I shut it down this morning so that it would be powered on when I get home. I don't think it's a motherboard issue since it happened with my old one and now happens with a brand new one. (only a month old) I'll try this after I get results from the lastwake commands that israsuke recommends. Thank you everyone for the help, I appreciate it.
  2. Hello All, I have an issue with my desktop computer where it will power itself on randomly after the computer has been shut off, put into sleep mode, or put into hibernate. It usually occurs a few hours after performing one of the three power functions mentioned. Before you suggest the BIOS configuration as the issue, I have recently upgraded the motherboard, CPU, and RAM. I have made sure that there are no wake schedules and no devices are set to wake the computer. The same exact issue persists even with the new hardware. The only components that stayed the same were the computer case, power supply, and two video cards. The issue occurs both with and without a LAN cable attached to its network port. I have also removed all external devices from the computer and had only the power cord plugged into the PSU and the computer will still power on at some point in the middle of the night. For now I have resorted to turning the switch off from the PSU after a standard shutdown. Any help on this matter is much appreciated.
  3. I've got one of the Z97 motherboards (ASRock Z97 Extreme6 LGA 1150 Intel Z97 HDMI SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX Intel Motherboard - Newegg.com) and I could not be happier with it. It's my first in-depth experience with a full-featured UEFI BIOS and it's extremely configurable. It does have an m.2 port directly on the board but it will eat into the PCI Express bandwidth if you use it, which I believe prevents SLI from being used. I've had it for about 2 months and I am very happy with its performance.
  4. I had been using a Samsung T260HD TV as my computer monitor for the past 3+years. I just recently upgraded to a BenQ XL2420Z which has a 144Hz refresh rate on it. I do not competitively game with my computer, just for killing time and playing a few casual games, and I find that the refresh rate is extremely nice to have. All movement on the monitor is smooth and is pleasing to use. I still have my 10-year old 20.1 inch BenQ monitor as my secondary and there is a massive difference in how smooth things run on the newer monitor.
  5. I've been using the Logitech K740 illuminated keyboard for over 5 years, it is still holding up strong. None of the keys are worn away even with heavy use and gaming. The only downside to the keyboard is that it is almost like a laptop keyboard in that there isn't a whole lot of travel in the keys.
  6. It looks like it's aimed more toward developers rather than the average person setting it up to use it for general use.
  7. When all the bugs are worked out of it, it looks like a promising device.
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