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  1. Sometimes it's wifi slowness on my part. Other devices seem to work fine. Updating my wifi drivers helped alliveate that problem for the most part actually I guess you should try that too. For the most part it's working as intended right now and no random ping spikes or lagginess when doing stuff on the web. I've really noticed that updating most drivers in general like ssd, chipset and such help with all kinds of problems on the y510p at least. But if im correct the y510p and y410p are pretty similar so you should go check for the latest drivers on EVERYTHING. It can't hurt at least
  2. Hello! I tried the IdeaFan also but not really fond of the pauses in between like some people have pointed out... I have one question about the heat though, I have been using my laptop for 2 years now and the first year I was gaming at pretty high temps without even caring( I know I know) like 95 cpu maximum and gpu was 87-95. Do you think I have shortened my laptops lifespan a lot with this? I really hope it could go for another 2 years at least!
  3. Mizz

    Gtav on pc

    Yeah ssd really helps for me at least. I have the y510p with 24gb cache ssd and 1tb 5400rpm hard drive. Also gt755m sli and intel i7-4700mq. I get around 60 fps mostly in Gta V on medium settings so id say it runs pretty well . You just have to tweak settings a lot to suit your gpu/ cpu performance and also my loading times are still longgggg xD.
  4. Lenovo y510p Nvidia Gt755m SLI intel i7-4700mq 8gb ram 1600mhz 24gb ssd 1tb harddrive Windows 8.1 That's my system going to make a desktop when this one fails though.
  5. I believe you can find the gpu's separately on places like amazon but it is pretty hard at the moment. My suggestion in your case would be to contact lenovo or the shop you bought it from if you have any warranty left. Warranty is our best friend in scenarios like this. Also you could try to find the original vbios for the gt750m(easily found on forums, google) and just flash that and see if it works. If it works then you're all set, I doubt it's defective hardware as these have problems sometimes but you never know. Let's hope for the best and do post back if the flashing doesn't work for some reason.
  6. Well actually you can overclock it if you have done the temperature lowering mods mentioned on this site. I would still be wary though since my ultrabay card is reaching as high as 97 degrees celsius... Trying to bring those temps down is a pain I don't know why Lenovo did not include fan control software . One tip though is take off the canvas or screen or whatever on the bottom of the laptop. That dropped my temps drastically.
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