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  1. I'm currently shopping for a new GPU on this. My model has the 750m. But if I find a 755m would that work as well?
  2. Ok, no luck with nvflash (v5.136). I booted into DOS and tried doing "nvflash -b" to backup the existing rom but got .. How to get around this? Running "nvflash MYROM.ROM" returns "Checking for matches between display..." and shows my GT 750 M but then returns to the command prompt instantly without doing anything. Or maybe if it is a hardware issue this EEPROM issue would be a clue? Or could a previously corrupted vbios cause this?
  3. Cannot find the original 750m vbios anywhere (and no one has uploaded their original yet) so I might just try flashing the modified vbios that @svl7 made intended for SLI / ultrabay (even though I have single version) and see what happens.
  4. Take the time to read the previous posts @GhostNYC212 it's all here in this thread (with pictures of the actual chips). You have to physically remove the primary bios chip and replace it with the backup chip that sits right next to it. Then follow his restore instructions to get it powered on thereafter. The only issue I'm having after this is a slower bootup - the laptop now has a 3 to 5 second delay from when you press power and when the Lenovo logo appears.
  5. Hey @Mizz thanks for the tips! One problem, it does not seem so easy to find the original VBIOS for this card. I can find the one for SLI but not for single 750m . For example, svl7 posts this vBios mod but it's for the ultra bay / SLI only: http://forum.techinferno.com/lenovo-ibm/4668-lenovo-y410p-y510p-unlocked-bios-wlan-whitelist-mod-vbios-mod.html#post65200 Lenovo makes a new vbios available but again I assume this is just for SLI: NVIDIA GeForce GT750M Second VGA BIOS Update for Windows 8.1 (64-bit) - IdeaPad Y410p, Y510p - Lenovo Support (US) And it looks like I'm not the only one who's looking for the original vbios for this chip: looking for official BIOS v1.09 or 1.10 for y510p with 750m GPU If someone has a Y510p with single 750M and stock vbios, could you do a big favor by using GPUz to extract it and then upload/make available for download here. Thanks !
  6. Hi there, the Nvidia GPU in my Y510p appears to be defective. No matter how I try to invoke the NVIDIA GPU (tried both Windows and Ubuntu) whenever the system switches over there things crash or fail to boot. It refuses to switch over to using the NVIDIA GPU. Anyway, I'd like to try flashing the original GPU / VBIOS. But I can only find VBIOS downloads for the SLI version. I have a single 750m. Or if you have other tips or suggestions to try, I would be appreciative. The other thing I'm wondering about is replacing the GPU altogether - is it a single chip on the motherboard? Would I need to find an all new motherboard, or can you find the GPU chips separately?
  7. My bricked laptop is... unbricked! After the black screen of death with no recourse (couldn't reset BIOS with key-combos nor undo the BIOS setting I changed by repeating previous keystrokes) I took the laptop to a shop and instructed them what to do - and they did it and it's fixed! So to @GhostNYC212, @Hairyfry, @Bobbey there is hope - do the BIOS swap as described by @Lizzo (the ones I photographed) whether you can do it or just take it in to a reputable computer or laptop shop and they can do this for you.
  8. Yes, some of our previous discussion on doing the BIOS chip swap was replaced. Anyway, I opened up the system to look for these BIOS chips as indicated by @Lizzo and believe these are the ones: If Lizzo can confirm that would be great, also any tips on performing the operation would be most appreciative. Ie: specific step by step instructions and what tools are needed.
  9. I may have joined Bobbey in the y510p brick club after turning off "Special Features" in the video section of the BIOS. The laptop rebooted, with a blank screen, interestingly it did load Windows I could hear the sign in. But after I reset the system, it has not since booted into Windows and I also suspect it may not be entering BIOS either cause I have not been able to reset the BIOS settings or undo my step (I did write down the key strokes to undo that). Any suggestions are welcomed! So.... do you have any pointers on doing the BIOS swap? Is it easy to do without any special tools? Is there a diagram or photo available (or that someone is willing to take) of the motherboard and the locations of the chips? It's very promising that you Lizzo have been able to recover from the black screen of death so please share with us the specific details so noobs like Bobbey and I can get our laptops working again. Huge thanks in advance!!! Did you read the part where Lizzo says he took it apart and did a physical swap of the BIOS chips? I think you may have glanced over that part and it might explain why the USB recovery boot is not working - I also tried this but I assume it's because I haven't yet tried Lizzo's suggestion of swapping the BIOS chips. Hopefully Lizzo can chime in with more specifics on how he accomplished this.
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