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  1. M14x R2 is quite easy do disassemble, putting it back together is another story entirely. Also it sounds like the problem might be related to mother board. My old msi laptop had similar problem, i was told it was due to faulty motherboard. But since my warranty was already over i never bothered to have it fixed since, well, motherboards for laptops cost so much it's usually better to get a whole new computer instead.
  2. I don't think there is Unlocked A14, at least i haven't been able to find it. The latest one is A13 but it should work just fine, even with windows 10. Look here for more info: http://forum.techinferno.com/alienware-m14x-aw-14/4667-m14x-r2-a13-unlocked-bios-modified-vbios-now-available.html
  3. The M14x R2 suffers from similar problem. The bizarre plastic/rubber used to cover the surface seems to absorb sweat and stuff. I wouldn't recommend using tissues because it tends to get stuck. Using wet cloth to try to rub off the dust and dirt is best option. I would be weary of using any strong cleaning agents on this.
  4. I'm also hoping to oc my m14x r2 but there's no point even doing the +135 boost without unlocking the bios because my computer goes to 67+ after 1 minute of gaming and throttling kicks in. So without being able to change the 67*C limit there's no point in overclocking because it wont do anything. Buying this computer couple years ago was such a huge mistake, will never buy another Dell/Alienware piece of **** again.
  5. Well, new thermal paste is always a good idea, especially for this particular computer which seems to suffer from temperature problems and has a very cheap and low quality thermal paste from factory.
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