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  1. I had a faulty cable. Check your cables and adapter if you're using any. ( I was using a mini displayport adapter)
  2. UPDATE: DP still not working, have managed to install the intel drivers on integrated graphics. Intel shows the X34 is connected, but the monitor still says no signal. On NVIDIA, it's the same thing blackscreen and freeze while on latest drivers. On the DELL recommended NVIDIA driver, it detects the screen, and i can enable GSYNC, but no signal comes through. I have a new cable on the way. Any ideas what the problem might be? I am on a modded vBIOS.
  3. After clean install of GPU drivers my computer does not freeze, but there is still no picture. In NVIDIA it shows that there is a connection on Display Port, and that it is G SYNC compatible, unfortunately there is still no picture. My monitor flashes as if it has received a signal for a second, but then blank screen and "no signal" Could it be an issue with the cable?
  4. Hello, I am currently on the Alienware M18xR2. Windows 8.1 980M SLI - On latest J95 modded drivers and Prema's mod I just bought a new monitor, the acer x34. It works fine on HDMI, but the displayport does not work. I am using a Mini DP to DP cable. Whenever i plug it in, my laptop screen goes black and freezes. I cannot move my mouse pointer. The X34 flashes as if it is receiving a signal, then goes "no signal". I do not have any integrated graphics drivers installed. Could that be the problem? (My laptop keyboard is broken and i cannot switch to integrated graphics to install it) Any help would be greatly appreciated, have been trying to fix this for a few hours.
  5. It's great for gaming if you have a system that can support it, which is rare. That is if you are looking to get a monitor 32"+
  6. Finally got it working! Thanks everyone for all the help. Flashed vBIOS and tried everything again and it suddenly worked.
  7. Yeah, done all that. Yes, have replaced inf file. Not sure what disable driver signing is though. I was asking about Win8.1 'F8' Boot options 'Safe Mode' & 'Disable driver Signing' Open command prompt as an administrator. mainly.
  8. Could you go into more detail? I'm quite computer illiterate. My startup doesn't have F8, only F2 and F12. I have disabled driver Signature enforcement, and typed in the bcedit thing from elevated cmd. Still getting the graphics driver installatioon failed. Thanks
  9. Can't install the driver. M18x R2, 980M SLICan pass the hardware check but fails at driver install.Screen flashes and says graphics driver installation failed.Any advice?
  10. Agree with what Madcat said, especially with the issue of frying monitors on Windows 10, However, there are a lot of articles out there that raves about how DirectX 12 is a game changer, huge performance boosts. Windows 10 DirectX 12 graphics performance tested: More CPU cores, more oomph Why DirectX 12 is a game-changer for PC enthusiasts • Eurogamer.net And if you've seen the demo from Square Enix, you can't help but get excited about it. The graphics fidelity is amazing. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CGsJXINz0LQ) I'll probably switch to windows 10 once games support it, and it's proven to have no issues.
  11. I think i got lucky, bought my alienware m18x r2 second hand, was still under warranty about 3 years ago. Still working great. (bought in your price range) 7970m Crossfire, 32 GB ram, SSD drives in raid 0, 1 TB drive, 3920xm. Was a great deal. Maybe go looking for a second hand one? The build quality on the alienware is amazing, don't think other gaming laptops can compare. I personally really like the aesthetics of the alienware as well.
  12. I need modded drivers because the official drivers won't install on my laptop. Some problem with Nvidia, i think. Using 980m SLI on M18x R2. It always goes hardware not found, need to mod the .inf file for it to install.
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