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  1. It is high time for do this
  2. There is no reason to swap ur videcards to 980m in 1st half of 2016 nvidia should show us a 10xx models of their videocards called PASCAL . About 8 beeps i can advise u to fully disassemble your m18x and then assemble it. (sounds stupid but it help me ). So just wait for laptops/videocards on pascal architecture.
  3. wow wow wow guys slowley 980 has 165w tdp !!!! U will need some water cooling system or very very good heatsink cuz aw 18 max can support tdp up to 130-150w (in nvidia version). Btw u will need at least 300w psu for one card and if you want it in sli you will need 450w psu at least. I will try some ideas with water cooling system on my m18x and will create new thread.
  4. it can be when videcard is overheat.... which heatsink u have? write me in PM
  5. i had a same problem. i just full disassemble my m18x and then assemble it and it work now try p.s. sry for my english
  6. 4980hq may be but the letters HQ means that the processor is soldered to the motherboard, and to change it u will need special tools 980m cant be installed becouse AW13 dosent have a pci slot
  7. i think the first thing u could upgrade is LCD which has only 60hz. So if u will install 2 980m and it will drow 90+ fps u will not see the difference between 980mand 780m which should get u 60 frames (sry for my eng)
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