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  1. I've also seen that the new 18 has the skylake processor and killer network 1535, how can I find out if the new motherboards have the same ports and connectors? I like the idea of having the 1535 in my laptop.
  2. Hi, I'm currently looking into finding an adapter to use to add the 1525 also, I'll keep you updated if I find anything out. Also, let me know if you ever got it to work. Thanks.
  3. I was just browsing the alienware website and came across a new alienware 18 laptop that now supports dual 980M, can anyone else verify? It seems that everything else is the same.
  4. DogOfWar

    wireless net card

    I'm about to try a mini pci express to m.2 card to try and install the bigfoot 1525 on my Alienware 18 laptop. If you want I'll let you know if it was successful and worth it.
  5. Hello j95, will this 350.12 driver work on a 980m in an Alienware 18?
  6. Hello, I've searched through this topic and I have a question. How can I find out what the latest modded driver for my graphics card is? I have a single 980m in an Alienware 18 right now. I have the 345.20 driver that I downloaded from a post that Mr. Fox posted. Any help on where to look would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hi guys, I am currently an owner of an AW18 with a 980m and a 4940mx cpu. What does the clevo have over other laptops that i could consider switching for? Also, where would I go about to purchase one?
  8. I have an AW18 with a single 980m and was considering upgrade to dual 980m in the future, has there been any updates as far as the drivers for the graphics card? I have the 345 nvidia driver and was wondering if there is any other driver i can upgrade to?
  9. Try Nvidia Inspector for the graphics card overclock. Also, maybe throttlestop can help with the cpu?
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