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  1. Yes, I have read that topic. Unfortunately nothing about beeping and not displaying anything. Or even better, beeping on slave and displaying on the master card. One think, tough. On the Eurocom web page only P375SM-A can be upgraded to 1070. There is no that kind of option for P377MS-A or P370Em. However I saw some people that successfully upgraded their P370EM with 1070 without any problems. At least mine problems.
  2. Hi everyone, I have decided to upgrade my GTX 980 to GTX 1070. I made preparation for that. Changed my screen to eDP and adapted the heatsink. I bought this cards: Card was not new but the seller said it is 100% functional. Unfortunately the card is not detected bym my Clevo, behaves like there was no card at all. Clevo beeps and blinks once every 2s. No video. Card was extracted from Zotac Magnus EN1070 so I assume it has some weird vBios, but I think it should work even on that. The card on slave slot is visible as standard video adapter but clevo keeps beeping. Any suggestions? Best regards, Chris
  3. I know that it is an old topic but I was inspired by it and made the same change. I have Clevo P377SM-A. Card did fired up on my test HP 8760w without any problem. Normal NVIDIA drivers installed. I could access to BIOS and have brightness control. But... When I put this cards into my Clevo P377SM-A I have black screen until Windows boot with the drivers. Than I can play and do everything and card is running great. And there is no brightness control. I tried to mod the drivers but no luck. Anyone had similar problem?
  4. Hi everyone. After five, grat years of usage of my Clevo P377SM-A a battery pack needs replacement. I can by a new battery pack but what would be fun of that. I disassembled the pack and make some measurement. The battery pack contains 8 ICR18650-30B hi voltage cells. Those cells are simply where out. Voltage on all is pretty the same even after complete discharge. +-50mv. But it is going down in 10min . And there is a problem. I can exchange those cells for a new high capacity cells like INR18650-35E. INR18650-35E has max charge voltage of 4.2V. Acording to the service manual the charge voltage should be 16.8V (4.2V/cell). Unfortunately after measurements the charge voltage of the patery pack is 17.60V (4,4V/cell) which is good for ICR18650-30B but not for INR18650-35E. The new pack will last for about a month. I have no idee why this battery pack is charged so high. I would like to change the charge voltage to 16.8V. Now, the main charge IC is OZ8681 and I have no datasheet for this IC. And there is two possible explanation how this charging circuit works. 1. Charging IC is "talking" with the battery pack IC ( I2C) and receive desired charge max voltage. Since the battery pack IC does not do the current limit ( only current balancing, and cut off) charge current is set in OZ8681 to 2.8A (according to the manual). 2. OZ8681 is doing both current and voltage limiting by sensing the actual output voltage through one of the currant detection lines ( ICHP, ICHM) or by detecting output voltage through LX line. In first case there is really nothing to do since the battery pack IC will continuously demand higher voltage. But in the second case the voltage can be manipulated to lower it. However the LX signal line is connected before the choke and capacitors that are filtering the PWM distorted current. If anyone have an idee how to change the output voltage in this circuit please give me some hint. Best regards, Chris
  5. This evening I've tried something that it is similat to the 3th heat pipe. I've manage to install a radiotor with the heat pipe but I havent solder it to the orygnal copper plate o the CPU cooler. I've manage to get stable 90*C at 4Ghz nad 1.193V. Is it posible to edit the CPU fan speed to be higer on lower temps? I can't work when all fans are turne on on max. To loud. My second card is a K3000M and I used it onlay for PhysX so i don't wont to force the GPU2 cooler to work on max rpms.
  6. Hi everyone, I think that the CPU cooling system of my P377SM-A is very weak. I've got a i7-4930XM and pushing it at 4.2Ghz. Within 10s it reaches 94*C and throttles down. At the first I thought that I have some sort of multifunction, but than I've tarted to read some of the threads on the forum. So I've made some mods that actually helped me a bit with the overheating problem. At the first I've sealed the gap between the fan and the radiator. Than sealed all the gaps between the radiator and the air outlet. After that I've covered the lower air inlet of the fan to block the air which is hot and cames from the inner part of the notebook. And finally I've sealed the gap between all three fans and the back cover. All of that leads to one think. To make the air goes from the bottom air inlets to the outlets only. That helped a bit. I can manage to have sustained 4GHz clock on 4 cores with 91-92*C on the CPU on Prime95. I'll post some photos later on. However, this is just a temporary fix. I'm planning to make my own CPU cooler. I'll keep You pasted.
  7. Gratings from Poland!! Finally my account has been activated and I can post:Banane06:. I'm in the middle of the Clevo p377sm-a assembling process. 4930MX+ single 980m for now. I hope will be able to share some knowledge about that equipment. Best wishes to You all!!
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