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  1. After tinkering with Setup 1.30 for the past 2 days, I have found that my eGPU isn't detected when I run Setup 1.3 now. When I go into Windows 7, it isn't even detected there anymore even after disabling my dGPU & uninstalling it. I have tried: -Suggested steps Setup 1.30 gives in failure to detect eGPU -Disable -> Uninstall dGPU & reboot Specs: NB: MSI GE60 0NC OS: Win7 Adapter: PE4C v3.0 mPCIE iGPU: Intel HD 4000 dGPU: GeForce GT 650M eGPU: MSI GTX 970 PSU: EVGA Supernova 1000W P2 (probably overkill, but I ordered a 750W one and they shipped this one instead so I got lucky) Other Problems: -After disabling and uninstalling my dGPU, my reboot automatically reinstalls the software/drivers for the dGPU. Possible fix would be in a flashed BIOS? I have looked into flashed BIOS for GE60 0NC, but the only one that came up was Prema's OC BIOS. Would that BIOS be sufficient? -eGPU not detected in Windows 7 anymore. Before I had Setup 1.30, it would appear in my Device Manager with either Error 12 or 43, but now it doesn't even exist. -eGPU only turns on during black screens or after putting my laptop to sleep and loading up windows again. Is this a common occurrence? My current delay switch setup on my PE4C v3.0 is set to SW1: 2 and SW2: 2 because the eGPU doesn't turn on when they are set to 1 or 3. Current Steps Done: -DSDT Override successful
  2. Can anyone clarify what the delay switch does? I have a PE4c v3.0 and it seems to affect whether or not the the EGPU will even turn on or run.
  3. Your only option is probably to unplug and replug (after a few minutes wait) the CMOS Battery on the laptop. I've done it before on my GE60-0NC and it's in a pretty tight spot. The CMOS Battery is located right under the WiFi Card and the cord connecting the battery reaches under the remaining cover right next to the disk drivers. If doing this doesn't work then you might have to replace the CMOS Battery all-together which may be a problem as the battery itself seems to be soldered onto the motherboard.
  4. Sorry, but I have checked both my mail and spam folder for the past 2 days waiting for it. I have also checked my trash to see if I accidentally deleted it. There have been no signs of an email or reply from you. Edit: Thanks for resending it. Not sure if it was a problem from my end or yours.
  5. Tech Inferno Fan I donated for setup 1.3. When will you send it? It was sent through paypal by "vwjunit@gmail.com" 2 days ago. My current setup is stuck with error 12 and the other methods do not work so this is my last resort. Hope to see your email soon!
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