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  1. Same here man. When I had the scorpio in my caddy it used to be slow and sometimes Windows does not even recognize it. Will probably just get a 256gb SSD and be done with it. It's really not worth all the hassle
  2. I did. It totally looks fine. I also noticed that xfer between external HDD and the secondary HDD is terribly slow (9mb/s).. I'm gonna try to switch the mode in bios to ATA and try again. Edit: Bios A08 fixes the vanishing issue, still slow as hell though Any ideas anyone?
  3. Hello guys, I got my m14x about 3 months ago. Changed the hard drive for an SSD and put the stock HDD instead of the dvd drive. Followed the tutorial on here and even bought the caddy suggested. However sometimes the normal hard disk just doesn't show up on my computer. This happens after a few minutes/hours of usage on the laptop. It even gives errors while copying files sometimes. I updated everything even the firmware of both ssd/hdd. I really have no idea. If I can't fix this I will sell the m14x tbh. Can't stand a computer without an SSD Best Regards,
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