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  1. I changed the power plan to high performance but there's still a huge difference plugged and unplugged. - - - Updated - - - Does disabling turbo boots have any effect on gaming performance? Using an Alienware m14x r2 for casual gaming, specifically, GTA Online and looking to get the most out of my gt650m.
  2. it work for me but not much.. has anyone tried those cooling induction things that fit over the vent? supposedly works by force feeding cool air and extracting the warm air.. anyone had success with them? i'm looking to buy one.
  3. what software is needed for flashing this bios? is there a guide to flashing this bios? how do i back up my current bios. I seriously dont want to end up with a brick?
  4. not sure if correct thread but is it normal for my gaming performance to drop when not connected to charge?
  5. Hey guys. I have an Alienware m14x r2, whats the highest ram upgrade that i can do?
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